Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Goal Update

In July, I started setting monthly goals as a way to make some small mini goals to help keep me focused; not just while on my weight loss journey, but also about my life in general.

Here are the goals I set for July and how I did:

July Goals:

  • Visit extended family at Bow Lake
  • Continue to work on 101 things in a 1001 days list (update on list in another blog post)
  • Start a new item on list
  • Work out at least 4 days a week (gym, zumba, run, hike, whatever - just move your ass!)
  • Go to Weight Watcher meetings all month; not just to weigh-in
  • Track food for one week this month
Well overall I thought I did well. I was able to see my extended family and also climb a mountain! I still can't believe that I did this, and still very proud of myself. It was great to see my family and to spend some time catching up with them. I really only get to see them once a year, so it's important to make time.

I was able to continue work on my 101 things in 1001 days list, I have several on going long term items, as well as updated the list with a blog post. I am glad to report that since my last update, I've completed 5 more tasks on my list.

My new item off the list was to travel by train, on Saturday, DBF and I went to North Conway and took the Scenic Dinner train for a ride. It was a nice way to spend an evening. I may still want to actually travel by train. However, it was still a lot of fun and something different.

I didn't get to work out 4 times every week. I at least got 3 times per week and 2 weeks out of 4 I got the full 4 times a week. I believe this will be another goal for August. It's a good goal to have. And something I want to strive for.

Attend Weight Watcher meetings, I accomplished this! I took the time and made it me time! Although there were times I was up weight wise, I felt like I was getting a lot out of the meetings. I have made a personal commitment to continue with Weight Watchers at least until the fall (October) I would like to hit the one year mark with them and then re-evaluate my situation.

Track food. Well, throughout the month I tracked my food a total of 4 days. My thought process was that since I was paying for weight watchers and that tracking is a big part of their strategy that if I am going to follow the plan, that I would have to follow all of the plan, well tracking is my biggest weakness. I am going to modify this item for next month to just write down what I eat, I will attempt to track points, but at least I'd like to write my food intake.

All in all, for the first time setting monthly goals, I am pretty happy with my success and I look forward to setting goals for August. Come back tomorrow to see my August goals.

Does setting mini or monthly goals work for you?


Jenny said...

Such a great idea to do the monthly mini goals- a great way to keep yourself on track and to celebrate along the way (weight loss related or not).

Keep up the great work! That train ride sounds really nice, too!

Take care,

Jess said...

Dude, you climbed a mountain! That is awesome.

And I'm glad you finally traveled by train. I quite like train travel, and even by bus. It's pretty efficient.

Nice job on the July goals! Keep it up Cassie :)

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I really want to make a 101 things in 1001 days list now. :) Thanks!

Cassie said...

Thank you gals for all your comments you rock! I am proud of what I am accomplishing I think the mini monthly goals are helping me.

Yes, Lynn you should to a list, for me (the list-maker type person) it rocks. I like that you can have some stuff on your list you can do in a day, or over a year or whatever. It's WAY better than New Year's Resolutions.


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