Friday, February 20, 2015


Most of my readers know that I live in New England. And unless you've been living under a rock, you know that over the last 3 weeks New England has been hammered with several significant snow storms. Much to the point that we now have several feet of snow on the ground and we are running out of places to put it. We are on track to have one of our snowiest winters.

Got to keep the birds fed

At this point I am just sick of snow. It's so deep I can't have Mister Mans play in it, it's up over his head. We have this hill on the back side of our house that is perfect for some beginner sledding. But it's just too much snow to even get over to it. With the snow comes cold weather. I heard on the news last night that for the entire month of February we have only been at or above freezing one day. That day the high was 32*. With the cold weather I haven't been able to go outside with Mister Mans much. He is never patient enough to get bundled up to go outside and for the first 2 weeks of February he was battling with a cold/cough. He even had croup for a few days.
At least it's pretty to look at

I am getting at least my upper body workout in. We have literally been stuck in a cycle of snow and clean up. The clean up takes days. First is the initial clean up, snow blowing the paths around the house and the driveway, which is what my husband does. I shovel out all the doorways and access to our fuel fills (oil and propane). I also shovel off the back deck, mainly to keep the snow load off of it, but also to have access to the bird feeders so I can fill them. The next day, we usually take care of the roof, which typically includes roof raking, but since we've had so much snow my husband has had to actually get on the roof a couple of times to get some of the snow that we cannot reach with the roof rake. Then he has to snow blow that snow away, because it usually fills in the paths he's made the previous day.

Mister Mans makes a good supervisor

Then I head over to my parents place and help them clean up their place.

Mister Mans and I helping out at my parents

So it takes roughly 2-3 days to clean up after the storm. With storms coming every 3-4 days it makes it quite tough to get anything else done.

Hubby taking a break

Definition of insanity... This Winter!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl 49

I'm from New England, so by birth right, I'm a Patriots fan.

Wow, what a great game. I really enjoy the close games. I truly believe that this match up was the two best teams in the sport.

On the home front, we had a quiet night at home. I didn't even realize that I had the night off from work until last week. So we invited some friends over, and it didn't quite pan out. So it ended up just being the three of us last night. Which ended up being just right.

We had to pause the game, as we were trying to get Mister Mans to bed and he wanted to watch his show. Then after we got him into bed, we were able to watch the game, in our pjs of course! It was a nice relaxing evening.

We made some healthy snacks, we had a veggie tray and Ben made some buffalo cauliflower. I also made some pigs in a blanket.

So spoiler alert.... The patriots won! I woke up this morning to check the Internet, and the memes aren't disappointing at all. Here are a few of my favorites....

Don't taunt us Seahawks... The Internet will make a meme out of you....

The other thing I noted was Jeremy Long's interception, and then injury.... The commentators didn't really go any further into it. Thankfully the Internet delivers again!

Oh man, that is a nasty break. I hope he is recovering. Sad that he made one big play and it ultimately took him out of the game.

Obviously I'm happy with the outcome. New England has a great method to success, and it absolutely shows.

Congrats to the Patriots! Time to dust off the duck boats for another rolling rally! That is as soon as the snow lets up.


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