Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just got back from camping in North Conway. It was really a lovely time. My eating was really out of control. So was my spending! (there are outlet shops in North Conway) I really am thinking that I am going to regret my food choices this weekend, but they are the choices I made and mine alone. No one forced me to eat what I did.

I had a fantastic time. We went canoeing down the Saco river. Did about 6 miles in about 3 hours. It was a lot of fun. All the fresh air and paddling made me real tired.

I am covered in bug bites. My blood must be sweet, no matter what I used for bug repellent, I still managed to get bitten. And I must be allergic to bug bites, I get these huge welts on my skin from a single bite. I had this huge egg on my forehead from getting bitten like I smacked into a wall or something. Oh well, it was fun.

My first 5k is coming up this weekend I am a little bummed that I won't be running but I am looking forward to at least participating in it. And I am already planning my next one. I just hope that the weather will be nice for Sunday.

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Couch to 5K Week 2 in the books!

So today, I was first going to hit the gym, but once I got outside it was too nice out. So I changed my mind and went for a training run. Finally 4 weeks later I finished week 2... damn sinus infection. I am looking forward to starting week 3.

Today's run felt good, the second run cycle my right knee started aching so when I got to the walk portion I took the time to do a nice long stretch. It felt really good and loosened right up. I then did the next couple of run intervals on the grass. Thankfully my town has a nice long stretch of grass called "The Plains". It was my first experience running on grass. Thoughts... it was quite nice. A lot more forgiving than the treadmill and pavement. A lot easier on the joints.

I feel like I am making progress, the first couple of run intervals I was doing a lot of negative self-talk. You know, the kind I've been doing my whole life. Whenever I've started something and it got to a point that I was struggling or had to make a tough decision... yeah well I kept telling myself that I was going to complete the run. I even said it out loud! I hope the postman wasn't bothered by the girl who was yelling at herself... oops! I'm not crazy I swear! The app I have for my iPhone chimes in with "you are halfway" and I was like score, I got this. I busted out the last half of the training session and at the end, I felt SO good and SO proud of myself for being able to combat the negative self-talk. Big NSV (non-scale victory) for me!

I may not be running my first 5k in 2 weeks, but I'll feel confident in the training that I am doing now and I know I will be successful!

These boots were made for walking...

If you are a follower of my blog, you would know that I ride horses. I love my life with horses. Ever since I was a kid, my favorite animal was the horse, I always wanted a horse growing up, but my dad wouldn't let me! Going into college, my school made me choose a minor that was outside the business program (apparently makes a student more well-rounded.... riiiiiight) anyway, I had NO clue what I wanted to minor in (heck, I was having a time getting my major work done!) so I jokingly told my advisor, what about horseback riding. Turns out, there is a minor in equestrian sciences. No joke, I got school credit for riding horses, how sweet is that!

Now, I have a friend that I made through craigslist (don't judge!) and she has a farm close by. In exchange for me helping out around the farm I get to ride. It works for me. Not only to I get the benefit of a great workout by helping her out around the farm, I also get to go riding, which in itself is a great core workout!

You need boots to ride, basically you need boots to do anything on a farm. A pair that you don't mind getting dirty and that can do the work. I like a nice sturdy pair of boots that I don't always have to replace. Rocky Top Leather carries twisted x boots. They have a real nice look to them. My riding discipline is English, but if I were a western gal, these boots would definitely complete my look. I do like the barn shoes they have. Or the All Around Boot, which would be good for doing chores on the farm.

From their site: "Twisted X Boots: are the newest boot manufacturer on the block and are quickly becoming one of the most popular. Their attention to detail in the craftsmanship of their boots is unsurpassed and tells you that they are cowboys making cowboy boots not a shoe manufacturer trying to make cowboy boots. Don't take our word for it, prove it to yourself and try them. Compare them to your current cowboy boots. We have no doubt when you put the Twisted X Boots on you will never want another brand of cowboy boots."

From the description on their website and from some of the customer testimonials, I think that these boots would be a wise investment for anyone in the farming industry or anyone who liked wearing boots. When I am in the market for my next pair of work boots, or even work shoes for my job, I'll consider the twisted x line.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camping for Memorial Day Weekend!

So what are everyone's plans for Memorial Day weekend? It's kind of a tradition with me that we go camping. I've been going to Saco River Campground in North Conway, NH for about 6 years or so, my parents have been going basically since I left for college (10 years ago). It's about a 2 hour drive north from where I live. It's nice. Several people from my work also go as well as some other friends. It's great to see some of the guys that I work with in a social environment as well as see them with their families.

My parents have a nice RV that they camp in, my stepmother's version of  "roughing it". Ben and I on the other hand, tent camp. We are a young couple, and someday we would like to own a camper, but for now, tenting is just as good.

This year on our site is Ben and myself and my two best friends. Tricia and she is bringing her beautiful almost 6 month old daughter. Tricia came last year when she was pregnant with her daughter so it's come full circle! New this year is my other best friend, Kelli (sorry, no blog for her!) she is coming with her husband Tony and their new dog JayJay. Should be interesting. Now, Tricia and I are really still in shock that Kelli agreed to join us, we invited her kind of as a joke. You see, Kelli isn't what we would have considered the camping type. Especially tent camping. But she wants to try it out! She has two beautiful step-daughters who love to camp so Kelli is branching out!

We offered Kelli an extra tent of ours that she can borrow for the weekend, since she doesn't know if she is going to like the experience (I certainly hope that she does!). If she does like tent camping, I'd probably suggest checking out this site for family camping gear, as it can get overwhelming when you new and looking for equipment.

They really have a lot to offer in their store. When I am closer to one of my 101 things to do in a 1001 days goal of hiking Mt. Washington, I am going to look at their site for some gear. The backpacks, especially look promising. I really like the look of the Coleman Chickapin X65 Internal Pack.

They even have a Pet Supplies section, so if Kelli really does like camping and wants to outfit JayJay with some camping supplies, she can!

So camping should be real fun this year. Last year the only bad weather we had was the last full day, the early morning we had some showers, nothing stellar. This year (so far) the 10 day outlook is looking really nice for camping this year! Hopefully it holds true, though we do live in New England, and the forecast is typically bound to change.

I like camping in North Conway because I feel that it's just far enough north to not feel like we are home, there is outlet shopping to be done in North Conway, and there are plenty of activities to keep us busy. That weekend there is a craft fair that Tricia and I enjoy wandering around. We have played mini golf in the past, we've also gone up the Mt. Washington Auto Road, which on a clear nice day, is always a treat. Not sure what we will be doing this year (aside from shopping of course) but resting and relaxing is on the menu for sure!

So what are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

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Giveaways 5-23-10

Wasn't really into the giveaways this week, but there are some really great ones! I actually missed the deadline on a few of them! Opps! oh well, can't win them all!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Updated Blog Roll

Since this blog is about my life in general and as of late, I've made the shift from blogging about giveaways and more towards blogging about my weight loss adventures; I thought it was time to update my blog roll to reflect the weight loss / fitness blogs that I read. Check them out! They are on the right hand side chilling.. there are some great reads!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weigh In & F R I E N D S

I can't believe I forgot to post about my weigh in on Tuesday! Seesh! Forgive me!

Starting weight: 313.8
Last week's weight: 287.2
This week's weight: 286
Loss: -1.2

Total loss: -27.8

I'm close, to my 10% goal, I can taste it! Hard work is paying off! 3.8 pounds to go and 2 weeks to do it in. That is less than 2 pounds per week. Totally do-able.

I am feeling really good after being sick and feeling great about getting back on track. I am looking forward to my first 5k in about 3 weeks. Thank you for all of your awesome comments on my last post about my progress. The bloggy world is truly awesome!

If you are looking for a good read on a topic that affects us all, check out Al's guest post at Kat Does Diets. Emotional eating is tough... Weight Watchers talks at great lengths about emotional eating and how to combat it. Food is always there, and always makes me feel better. When I was having a bad day, food is always there to make me feel better. Weight Watchers talks about other choices to make instead of emotional eating. For me, this blog really helps me.

Checking out twitter and seeing everyone struggles and their victories. It makes me realize that I'm not the only one going through this, that I have friends, and when I need to reach out, they respond. Share what works and what doesn't work for them. Angie was the first weight loss blog that I followed, and now on twitter.  Then was Marisa (first as Trim the fat now Loser for Life!). It was Liz who suggested the Couch to 5K training program for my first 5K. Al checks in with me and even if he doesn't know it, holds me accountable to what I do. (I mean if I tell him I am doing it then I have to do it) Steve, Jack and Ryan keep it real and make me laugh,  Mary helps with her challenge (#amerryworkoutpledge) and Kerri well I met Kerri through Steve and Ryans' #manhug and she is just lovely, always pleasant. And lastly, Carla from MizFit and her no excuses activity. My friends still think I am mad at them! even though I love them more for being honest with me!

There are others out there in the twitterverse but these fine few stick out and all the time and they are always there for me to talk me off the ledge (even if they don't know it!) I just hope that I entertain and help them just as much as they help me.

There are others out there that I've recently met, who I am looking forward to getting to know better. MrsFatAss; FitarellaAllTheWeigh; whoatemyblog; halfofjess I am sure I am missing some. Please forgive me. You are all so wonderful! Here is the link to my twitter list for "weight loss bloggers"

Thank you all, you all have helped me more than you know. And now I am off to the gym, because I told Al I was going to the gym today...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Couch to 5K Update!

Wow, never thought I'd be blogging about that! Since the sinus infection from hell, I had to put my 5K training on hold. Every time my feet impacted the ground the roof of my mouth and the top teeth would kill, like someone was ripping them out. I couldn't run...  On top of that, the whole breathing thing wasn't working right, WAY too much mucus up there... (gross!)

However, since finishing the course of antibiotics, and getting some well needed rest, I am feeling much better and today decided to venture out to pick up where I left off with the program. Today was Week 2 day 2.

Considering I haven't trained in 3 weeks and coming off a pretty nasty infection, I didn't expect much, but I pushed myself to at least try. And you know what, it wasn't that bad... I did fairly ok. At the end, I was beat though, but so happy that I got back on. The old me, would have just given up. BIG NSV (non-scale victory)!!

With my first 5k in 3 weeks, I don't believe that I will be finished with the C25K training program, as of now, my plan is to walk/jog it as best as I can. I've only ever done a 5K at a walk before, and it was for breast cancer and I was with a bunch of friends, so we didn't really keep track of time or anything. I am going to try and track my time so that I have a baseline and something to work on.

I haven't "fallen in love" with running yet, but I want to give it a try. I love walking and hiking, so it just seemed very natural, but I'm going to keep at it. I do believe that the more weight I lose the easier running will come as I won't feel like I am doing damage to my legs with all that pressure on my joints.

I also haven't forgotten my mini goal of my looming 10%. I would still like to achieve my 10% goal (31 pounds) by the end of May. That gives me 2 weeks and roughly 5 pounds to go. Totally achievable.

I think this week on my days off, I want to at least walk the race course for my 5k, I am familiar with the area (it's probably 3 or 4 towns over from me) but I'd only even driven in the area, never walked.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Finally after 3 weeks of being sick and 9 days on antibiotics (one more full day to go!); but finally, I am beginning to feel better. I really need my days off this week to rest and relax. It really was great not to have every single minute planned. I was even able to take a little road trip with some girl friends of mine to Pennsylvania! It was great to just go at the drop of a hat, even if it was only for a day.

So today, I brought my gym clothes to work, and after work tonight, I plan on hitting up the gym, even if just for some cardio. I'd like to try some weights, but I would like to ease back into the gym thing. Don't want to risk getting sicker while I am still recovering.

I am hoping to continue to get better through the weekend and restart my Couch to 5K program next week. Sadly, I am still on Week 2, but at least I am determined to get back on the program. In the past, I would have just said screw it and move on. I probably won't be running in my 5K next month, but maybe walk with a few bursts of jogging.

This week, I didn't weigh in. Due to the impromptu road trip I wasn't able to go weigh in this week, don't worry, I weighed in at my house, and I am up, about 3 pounds, so now I've only lost about 1.3 pounds in three weeks.... this sinus infection has really been a set back for me. I am hoping to recover now that I am finally feeling better.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...and it's not an oncoming train.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Giveaways week of 5/8/10

There are some really fantastic bloggy giveaways going on this week. A lot of these are multiplies, but that just means more chances to win (right?)
**Phew** that's a lot of giveaways this week! Enjoy!

    No Excuses (part two)

    I'm a little late to the game, but hey, life is busy... but I wanted to share Carla's second installment about No Excuses! in her post she talkes about some general excuses and her answers to those said excuses. What a great post, I suggest you go read it.

    In No Excuses part one, Carla created a t-shirt with all of the excuses she had given written on it, I too created one. This has been huge, it helps me to visualize what my self-inflicted setbacks are and work to develop a plan of action.

    My BIGGEST excuse has been work.

    My schedule is a bit wonky at best. I work an 8 day rotating work week that has an 8 week cycle (sounds like a bad menstral cycle if you ask me!). It took some getting used to. It helped that my dad worked for the same fire department that I do, so I grew up with the schedule.

    I work 48 hours a week. 2 ten hour days and 2 fourteen hour nights; then 4 days off. When I tried working out with Curves, it was difficult because I couldn't get on a good schedule. I would work out after work and that was it. I didn't feel like driving over on my days off just to go workout. So I quit...

    Now, I belong to a gym that is smack in the middle of my commute. Halfway to work and halfway to home, it works perfectly. Curves was located in the town that I work in, so to drive over, put me in a work mindset, which just didn't work well for me. My current gym also is open 24 hours during the week which gives me a lot of flexibility since I work long shifts.

    I've got a good rhythm now, as of late my problem has been my co-workers taking time off and no one else is willing to step up and take some overtime. You think with the economy being that it is, that my co-workers and I would be fighting over extra money. That is not the case, and typically falls back to me. Today is a good example, a co-worker called out and no one else wanted to work so here I am, at work. I was planning on going to the gym today, but it is just not in the cards (with the overtime shift today I am here on a 24 hr shift) so I will be going tomorrow. So for me, lately the problem has been more a timing thing. I schedule the time, but then something will come up last minute. I am very thankful that I have a fairly flexible schedule, but I do believe at times it can be a hinderance.

    I really should look into finding some workplace workouts or even just stretches that I could do at work just to have something to make me a bit more accountable.

    What is your biggest excuse to your weight loss goal? Do you have a plan to combat it?

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Welcome to the bloggie world! It's cheaper than therapy! (And a weigh in)

    Ashley over at Fattitude directed me to a new MALE (shock face!) weight loss blogger, Benny! Check out his page and welcome him to the world of weight loss blogging! (Disclaimer: my DBF's name is Ben, occasionally Benny, so I may be partial to his name! LOL)

    For me, blogging is cheaper than therapy... it's free. I can rant about whatever I feel like it. If you lovely people don't want to read it, then don't but for me, it's out there. I like that I can look back on my victories when I am feeling down and when I am feeling down, you people really come through with some support. It's really fantastic.

    Thank you all for always being there. I love the challenges and I love the virtual community. Twitter has really made a difference as well, makes everything immediate.

    And now on with the show....

    Start Weight: 313.8
    Last Week's Weight: 283
    This Week's Weight: 287.2
    Loss/Gain: +4.2
    Total Loss: -26.6

    To be honest, I was anticipating this gain. With the gain, I still managed to loose about 2 pounds a week for the past 2 weeks which is right where I want to be. I am still on track for my 10% goal of 282.2; 5 pounds to go by the end of May.

    I went to the doctor's on Monday and was given an antibotic for my sinus infection. It's a strong 10 day course. I am grateful that there is (hopefully) an end in sight to being sick. It's been two weeks as of yesterday and still no fun.

    If you don't know, my job is a Fire/EMS emergency dispatcher. I talk for a living, basically. So being sick really sucks at work. Like yesterday, my lieutenant asked me if I had taken up smoking, because my voice had changed. I assured him that I was sick and not smoking (gross!). Thankfully I wasn't working in a few towns over where this incident was occuring. Although we did send an ambulance to help with other calls while units were tied up on scene. (If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me tweet a bunch with the #03801bomb hash tag yesterday)

    So with said sinus infection, I haven't been able to run. See, when I ran and my feet would impact on the ground the top of my jaw/teeth would hurt. the infection of my sinus cavities is putting pressure on my jaw, and when jarring motions happen, pain is the result. Let's just say the Couch to 5K progress has turned into a Cough to 5K. However, once I am feeling better, I plan on resuming my plan. Which better hurry up! My 5K is less than a one away!

    Sunday, May 2, 2010

    Sunday day

    Here in New Hampshire, it was a beautiful day today. Really warm given the fact that it's the first weekend in May and that it was SNOWING last week.... just sayin'

    I was able to go over my friends house to catch up with her and her newest arrivals, including Oliver the goat. He's so cute!

    This is also a picture of me as of today, notice its a full body picture (mostly). I am not trying to hid behind the goat or demand only a shoulders up close up shot, its full body. I can see that I am loosing weight, still a ways to go, but its progress and it is showing...even if I don't see numbers at the scale, my body is changing. Those pants I am wearing, were too tight last summer... I'm very excited about that.

    I am still sick, although now its just mostly nasal and congestion. So gross, I hate being so mucus-y...It's been ten days at this point, and its still lingering, I believe it's time to call the doctors. I was waiting to see if it would rain and drop the pollen down. Perhaps it is my allergies and not a lingering cold. I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and be all better... a girl can hope right?

    I hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Saturday, May 1, 2010

    A Merry Workout Pledge Recap

    A Merry Workout Pledge started over on Mary's site. I didn't participate last month; I didn't know about it till I saw Kat and Steve tweet about #amerryworkoutpledge (twitter handle), that is how I found Mary's blog and instantly became a follower!

    So this month when Steve hosted the workout pledge post, I jumped at the opportunity to pledge! Last month was 90 minutes of cardio, I could only imagine what this month's total would be....

    .... 221 comments, which translated into

                               110 minutes and 30 seconds of cardio.....

    OMFG.... I have never done that much cardio in one setting. I liked Mary's take on it. It can seem like a large number so breaking it up throughtout a day seemed do-able. But I really wanted to try and see if I could do it (a bit of a challenge to myself).

    The whole purpose of the challenge is to move more. Challenge yourself to move more. Well actually, I believe the first challenge was to help encourage Mary to get back to the gym, but it created a new life and grew into something bigger.

    It's great when the bloggy world comes together for something good.

    I needed to get back to the gym, between working crazy and being sick forever, I haven't been to the gym. The weather has been nice, so I would rather do something outside. So today, on a bright and warm day (65 degrees) I went to the gym, sat down on a stationary bike and busted out some cardio. My machine would only go for 60 minutes (plus a 5 minute "cool down") so I had to get a little creative.

    I did a total of 23.57 miles. Seemed like I was kicking ass the last 45 minutes! If you can trust the machine, looks like I had a good calorie burn.

    My usual cardio machine of choice is the elliptical, and I felt as though the machines were staring at me, like I had openly cheated on them with another... but really 110 minutes, I needed to be more comfortable for the long haul.

    The first 30 minutes or so was just spent trying to get comfortable, I would end up either with an ass cramp or pain in my calves. I was constantly re-adjusting the seat. Then I hit a stride that carried me to the end, until I had about 5 minutes to go and my knee pain started, so I just re-adjusted my seat again and slowed down, it seemed to work.

    I tweeted about having my ass cramp and going through my entire Glee selection of songs. I ended up watching 90% of Evan Almighty since it was on one of the tv's and even read a few chapters of my book. I like using the bike, it's great if you need to multi-task or tweet during your workout.

    All in all, I am super proud of myself for having completed this workout pledge/challenge. And it's great to read some of the recaps, I can't wait to read some more. I was pleased also just to get back into the gym.

    And because Steve likes sweaty after pics, here are mine! (I almost forgot to do this, hence why I am in my car. Trust me the outfit was significantly soaked in sweat.)

    Lovin the hair! Forgot my Bondi Band!

    I can't wait to see what happens next month! Any more time, and I may have to switch to breaking the challenge into multiple cardio sessions.

    One thing I did notice, is that people were looking at me, probably wondering what my fat ass was doing on a bike for so long... but I caught several people looking over at me and looking at the time to see how long I had been going. Not sure what it was, am I that much of a hot mess when I do cardio? Meh, just something that I noted.


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