Monday, May 24, 2010

These boots were made for walking...

If you are a follower of my blog, you would know that I ride horses. I love my life with horses. Ever since I was a kid, my favorite animal was the horse, I always wanted a horse growing up, but my dad wouldn't let me! Going into college, my school made me choose a minor that was outside the business program (apparently makes a student more well-rounded.... riiiiiight) anyway, I had NO clue what I wanted to minor in (heck, I was having a time getting my major work done!) so I jokingly told my advisor, what about horseback riding. Turns out, there is a minor in equestrian sciences. No joke, I got school credit for riding horses, how sweet is that!

Now, I have a friend that I made through craigslist (don't judge!) and she has a farm close by. In exchange for me helping out around the farm I get to ride. It works for me. Not only to I get the benefit of a great workout by helping her out around the farm, I also get to go riding, which in itself is a great core workout!

You need boots to ride, basically you need boots to do anything on a farm. A pair that you don't mind getting dirty and that can do the work. I like a nice sturdy pair of boots that I don't always have to replace. Rocky Top Leather carries twisted x boots. They have a real nice look to them. My riding discipline is English, but if I were a western gal, these boots would definitely complete my look. I do like the barn shoes they have. Or the All Around Boot, which would be good for doing chores on the farm.

From their site: "Twisted X Boots: are the newest boot manufacturer on the block and are quickly becoming one of the most popular. Their attention to detail in the craftsmanship of their boots is unsurpassed and tells you that they are cowboys making cowboy boots not a shoe manufacturer trying to make cowboy boots. Don't take our word for it, prove it to yourself and try them. Compare them to your current cowboy boots. We have no doubt when you put the Twisted X Boots on you will never want another brand of cowboy boots."

From the description on their website and from some of the customer testimonials, I think that these boots would be a wise investment for anyone in the farming industry or anyone who liked wearing boots. When I am in the market for my next pair of work boots, or even work shoes for my job, I'll consider the twisted x line.

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