Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Merry Workout Pledge Recap

A Merry Workout Pledge started over on Mary's site. I didn't participate last month; I didn't know about it till I saw Kat and Steve tweet about #amerryworkoutpledge (twitter handle), that is how I found Mary's blog and instantly became a follower!

So this month when Steve hosted the workout pledge post, I jumped at the opportunity to pledge! Last month was 90 minutes of cardio, I could only imagine what this month's total would be....

.... 221 comments, which translated into

                           110 minutes and 30 seconds of cardio.....

OMFG.... I have never done that much cardio in one setting. I liked Mary's take on it. It can seem like a large number so breaking it up throughtout a day seemed do-able. But I really wanted to try and see if I could do it (a bit of a challenge to myself).

The whole purpose of the challenge is to move more. Challenge yourself to move more. Well actually, I believe the first challenge was to help encourage Mary to get back to the gym, but it created a new life and grew into something bigger.

It's great when the bloggy world comes together for something good.

I needed to get back to the gym, between working crazy and being sick forever, I haven't been to the gym. The weather has been nice, so I would rather do something outside. So today, on a bright and warm day (65 degrees) I went to the gym, sat down on a stationary bike and busted out some cardio. My machine would only go for 60 minutes (plus a 5 minute "cool down") so I had to get a little creative.

I did a total of 23.57 miles. Seemed like I was kicking ass the last 45 minutes! If you can trust the machine, looks like I had a good calorie burn.

My usual cardio machine of choice is the elliptical, and I felt as though the machines were staring at me, like I had openly cheated on them with another... but really 110 minutes, I needed to be more comfortable for the long haul.

The first 30 minutes or so was just spent trying to get comfortable, I would end up either with an ass cramp or pain in my calves. I was constantly re-adjusting the seat. Then I hit a stride that carried me to the end, until I had about 5 minutes to go and my knee pain started, so I just re-adjusted my seat again and slowed down, it seemed to work.

I tweeted about having my ass cramp and going through my entire Glee selection of songs. I ended up watching 90% of Evan Almighty since it was on one of the tv's and even read a few chapters of my book. I like using the bike, it's great if you need to multi-task or tweet during your workout.

All in all, I am super proud of myself for having completed this workout pledge/challenge. And it's great to read some of the recaps, I can't wait to read some more. I was pleased also just to get back into the gym.

And because Steve likes sweaty after pics, here are mine! (I almost forgot to do this, hence why I am in my car. Trust me the outfit was significantly soaked in sweat.)

Lovin the hair! Forgot my Bondi Band!

I can't wait to see what happens next month! Any more time, and I may have to switch to breaking the challenge into multiple cardio sessions.

One thing I did notice, is that people were looking at me, probably wondering what my fat ass was doing on a bike for so long... but I caught several people looking over at me and looking at the time to see how long I had been going. Not sure what it was, am I that much of a hot mess when I do cardio? Meh, just something that I noted.

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Jess said...

Nice job completing the challenge! You do look pretty soaked through. Doesn't it feel awesome? And, who knew you could sweat so much riding a stationary bike huh?! I was pretty surprised when I did mine.

Good job at finishing! Hope you'll be around for next time (and I'm hoping we don't get to like 200 minutes or something ridiculous next time).

Keep up the good work! You should join us for the Weekend Warriors Challenge at


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