Friday, December 31, 2010


One more thing to recap, the weight loss challenge between H2B and myself. Beginning back on September 7th (after we got back from our vacation) and ending today, the person with the highest percentage loss wins. Well H2B and I have both been gaining and losing the same 7 pounds, so it was a toss up if anyone would actually win...

Wouldn't you know, I WON! with a loss of 0.4 pounds. Trust me I am thrilled, this is the encouragement boost I needed.

So H2B will be treating to a weekend away. First, it was to Boston, but since H2B's best friend (and Best Man) and his wife live near Providence, RI, I thought it would be great to get a hotel down there, and get to spend some time with them. H2B said that was fine with him, I am so thrilled! Ya-hoo!! Mini-Vacation for this chica! So excited.

And now that challenge is over, another couple has issued a challenge. Only this time it's girls against boys, losing gender treats the winning gender to a day of their choosing. The girls, we want a spa day... the boys, want to go play paintball (I'm sure we'd have to do something else too, since a spa day is a lot of money and I am sure paintball isn't really equal). This challenge will be the same, highest weight loss percentage. And will go for 3 months from 1/1/11 to 4/1/11. I'm energized for this new challenge coming off a fantastic win.

All in all these little challenges are great motivators for me. And in the end, it only benefits everyone who is participating. Because at the very least, it makes us more aware of what we are doing to our bodies.

Day Zero Quarterly Update

Every quarter I update the progress of my current Day Zero project list (101 things in a 1001 days).

For the original post, click here. For the last update, click here. 

Current List: 

Starting Date: Friday January 1st, 2010 Ending Date: Friday September 28th, 2012

1) Spend a rainy day watching films in my PJ's
2) Try two new cookie recipes this Christmas
3) Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
4) Get married (got engaged! This will be completed in October 2011)
5) Go skydiving.
6) Learn to knit
7) Organize my closet
8) lose 15 pounds
9) Go on a cruise
10) Go whitewater rafting
11) buy a house
12) See a Broadway show
13) spend a day at the spa
14) Lose 5 pounds
15) Own an iPhone
16) Try a new (and possibly frightening) food
17) Watch two movies at a cinema in the same day.
18) Influence a person to make a day zero list
19) go fly a kite
20) Pay off at least one credit card
21) Have a housewarming party
22) Floss every night for a month
23) Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
24) Go sledding
25) Lose 10 Pounds
26) start a family
27) help a stranger
28) Have a sleepover party
29) Have a friend choose a complete outfit for me
30) Play a new board game
31) Travel by train (Did the Conway Scenic Railway Trip, but I'd like to do another)
32) Make homemade bread
33) Go to a casino
34) Take at least 5 photos a day for a month
35) Eliminate non-fitting clothing from my wardrobe
36) Save $5000
37) Read 100 books (1/100)
38) Compose a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days
39) For every task I do not complete, donate $1 to charity
40) Put aside $5 for every completed task
41) Go to a Patriots game
42) Drink nothing but water for 2 weeks
43) Watch the sunrise at the beach
44) Host a giveaway on my blog
45) Organize photos and get and stay caught up with my scrapbooking
46) Climb Mount Washington
47) Attend a hot yoga class
48) Do 100 situps for a month (0/30)
49) Ask for someone else's advice and take it
50) Give a stranger a compliment
51) Write down something positive about myself for 30 days straight
52) Have “date night” one night of the week for 1 month (4/4)
53) Work out faithfully 3x a week for 2 months
54) Take a trip to Las Vegas
55) No swearing for a day x12 (0/12)
56) Play a game of 18-hole golf 
57) Put change in someone’s expired parking meter
58) Take the Cat ferry to Canada
59) Have a weekend getaway for SO and I
60) Start our own Christmas tradition
61) Get my HAM radio license
62) Participate in a 5K (run/walk)
63) Make my own candles
64) Climb Cadillac Mountain
65) Learn at least 50 ASL signs
66) Go one weekend "Unplugged" no phone/Internet
67) Send/Give 100 cards “just because.” (9/100)
68) Leave SO a love note/note of encouragement/surprise email 1x a week for 2 months
69) Complete 3 – 1500 piece or more jigsaw puzzles (0/3)
70) Visit 5 new states not previously in (driving through doesn't count) (1/5) - NJ
71) Participate in a 10K (run/walk)
72) help a friend in need
73) take a class (work related)
74) Have one day off per week for 1 month
75) Make SO breakfast in bed
76) Bring coffee in for the boys at work
77) hang pictures/art on walls
78) Buy flowers/edible arraignments for someone.
79) Be able to buy clothing in the regular women's section
80) Invest my money better
81) borrow books from the library; instead of buying them 
82) get a makeover to include makeup!
83) Try a new recipe once a week for 1 month
84) Call one cousin per week until all Bridle Cousins have been spoken to (Kenny / Bill)
85) Host a girls night at my house 
86) Host a couple's night
87) Prepare my will
88) Take a pole dancing class
89) Travel to Nantucket / Martha's Vineyard
90) Visit my grandmother at least once a month for a year (9/12)
91) plan a couples camping trip
92) Play Bingo with friends
93) Host a transit party.
94) See an old friend once per month for one year (5/12)
95) See Rocky Horror at midnight showing
96) Go and shoot a gun at a firing range
97) To get a physical each year (Done for 2010)
98) To see a UNH/UMaine Hockey Game
99) To kiss the Cat at UNH
100) To go to a Red Sox / Yankees game
101) To complete this list in less than 1001 days

So 19 tasks "completed" with another 9 "In Progress". I have to say starting this list a year ago, I thought I would have had many more tasks completed. But at least I am making progress. Another $20 to be added to my Day Zero savings. 

Goodbye 2010..Hello 2011

So (like everyone else) I thought I'd quickly recap the year. I am no longer doing New Year's Resolutions, rather remaining focused on completing all the tasks on my 101 things in a 1001 days list. Which I started one year ago. I'll also be doing my quarterly update on my progress on the list.

2010, will always be the year that I remember as making a conscious choice in changing my ways, and dive into the world of healthy living. Even though I started Weight Watchers in 2009, I didn't really get serious until 2010.

Even though I've struggled with my weight loss, my desire is still there, I am committed to this life long journey.

In 2010, Ben asked me to marry him, spend forever with him, as his wife. I couldn't be more thrilled. 2011, will be known as the year of dramatic changes, not only will I be getting married in the Fall, but I am hoping that there will be dramatic changes within my own body/health .

In late fall, I won a horse in a raffle, he's a great baby, but with all those dramatic changes, I won't be able to keep him, just too darn expensive. However, I am looking for a great home for him, someone who will be able to put him to work and he can live happy and healthy. This is my first experience owning my own horse, even though I've been horse crazy my whole life, it's been a real experience, and for that I am thankful for.

I've got some wonderful friends IRL but also in bloggy land. I am hopeful that I will be able to meet some of my bloggy friends IRL soon.

Al from One Day at a Time was tweeting and did a blog post about Strong for 23 in 2011. Which basically means for the month of January, working out 23 times in the course of the month. I am all in. I am printing off a calender and scheduling my time in now. Time to make me a priority.

So as the clock winds down and 2010 draws to a close, I am grateful for another year to experience life, and living to the fullest. And I can't wait for the next adventure of 2011 to begin.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Extra Step

Today, I got a little surprise in my mailbox today, I got a handwritten note from a PR company that I worked with to do a product review. This really spoke to me. I really appreciated the extra step that this PR company took in writing me a note expressing the product company's pleasure in my review as well as their appreciation of it.

It's the little things that make me smile and make me feel like this little blogger is making her mark in the world.

Keep it up PR companies!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cabin Fever!

Even as I write this the wind is still blowing hard out there, the snow has stopped, but the wind is still whipping the snow around. I've been snowed in at work, I got to work at 5:30 pm on Sunday night and I'll be leaving tomorrow morning at 7:30 am. Yes, if you count that, it's 38 hours straight at work. In a small 7 foot wide by 15 foot wide office. A girl could get cabin fever very quickly! My only break, my 10 minute shower this morning that was cut short by an incoming emergency call. *sigh*

I don't mind working, in fact, it was nice to know that I didn't have to drive out there in the stuff, I'd rather be able to hunker down and ride out a storm in one place, so for me, its ok that I work more, better off here than on the road!

If you follow me on twitter (which you should if you don't already) I was using twitter to keep myself amused and entertained. I also tweeted that for breakfast, I had eaten cheese curls... not the best choice at all. It's gone down hill since then. Being stuck here, not being able to do anything really hinders me, and then the self-loathing kicks in, and I just eat out of boredom.

In the past, I would have just said, screw it and let the rest of the week get away from me. But you know what, tomorrow is a new day, and a new week (for Weight Watchers) I am going to track my food again. I have the next 3 days off, no matter what, I will exercise each of those 3 days, for at least half an hour.

H2B got me EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii, so I am excited to try that out. As well as my dad got new ear buds for his iPod and specifically looked at me and said, now we can go to the gym together and work out. So I've got some plans and motivation.

In other news, I am slowly going through some things and weeding things out, selling stuff on craigslist or ebay and donating other things, not sure what's gotten into me, but hey, I will take inspiration from anywhere I can get it. Maybe I've been watching too much Hoarders lately.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What?!?! An update?

I know, I am such a bad blogger... I'm sorry my lovely blog readers, I've been so busy with Toy Bank this year. We've helped about 80 families (just in my town), that's a lot of kids and a lot to coordinate. This is also Hampton's 30th year of doing Toy Bank, crazy to think that my dad started this 30 years ago and now I am the one in charge. Thankfully things are winding down, and with 2 days till Christmas, I can finally finish up my own Christmas shopping and wrapping. And get ready to celebrate with my family.

Oh wait, I am celebrating tomorrow (Christmas Eve) with my family. The reason for that is I am working a 24 hour shift on Christmas Day. So please be thinking about me when you are celebrating with your friends and family. I am excited to get to spend some family time, but my parents are not as enthusiastic about celebrating. I practically had to beg them to put a tree up. I think part of the reason is that we won't be celebrating on Christmas Day (but my dad was in the fire service, and I grew up around planning holidays at different times). I think a larger reason is that my brother is down in North Carolina and won't be coming home this year. He's in school down there, it's an intensive program, and they don't get any time off for the holidays. I can't wait till the day that both he and his wife come back north and closer to us, so that we all can be together and celebrate. Also I think that now we are older, Christmas doesn't hold the same excitement. I am sure things will change in the next couple of years as both my brother and his wife plan on starting a family and so do Ben and I. Grandkids galore! I am sure.

I am thrilled that I will be getting to spend some time with my family over the Christmas holiday. I am looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to using the massage gift card that H2B got me for our 3 year anniversary gift, I think that would be so nice!

H2B has also taken over wedding planning. It's been great! I feel like it's a role reversal, in that I haven't had much in the way of looking for things, he's been taking care of it all. But he's getting things done and deserves a whole lot of credit!

Weight wise, things have been screwy. I am not able to make a weigh in this week, I think last night was the most time I've spent in my place (awake) in about 2 weeks, all 5 hours of it. I've been living in my car, driving there and everywhere else for Toy Bank. My last weigh in I was down to 300.0 (at Weight Watchers) I did manage to step on my home scale at 303 on Sunday, but now today, I stepped on at 299.6, so who knows, it's just gone crazy. As I said on twitter the other day, I don't like making excuses or start dates, but I am really looking forward to the new year and a new start. I didn't lie when I said one of my end of year goals was to survive Toy Bank, it's a crazy hectic time in my life.

In other random news, I may have a buyer for my "baby" he's growing so big and still so handsome. I hate the idea of selling him (trying not to get attached) but really it's not feasible for me to keep him, a) I have very little experience with training babies and b) resources are tight normally, paying for a horse would just not work for me. The lady that is interested in him lives on the other side of the state and is very interested in Morgan showing. So he'd be put to work doing what he was bred to do. Which would make me happy. She's also agreed to include in the agreement that if at any point in the future she wants to sell him, that I have first right of refusal, which means should my situation change in the future, and he comes up for sale, she would have to offer him to me first.

Well Merry Christmas! I hope you are able to spend some time resting and relaxing. And enjoying some time with friends and/or family. I hope that Santa brings you everything you want and more.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Wish List

During this time of Toy Bank, I get to play one of Santa's elves and help less fortunate families have a Christmas morning. There is nothing more fulfilling in life, than helping my fellow "man". My father started this program 30 years ago, I've basically been helping out since I was born. However, now with my father retired from the fire service, I've now taken over in his place. He still helps me out, it's funny to see how the roles change as time goes on.

Anyway, seeing all the children's request got me thinking about what I'd like for Christmas. And since I've got a rare moment free, I thought I would share with you all.

1) Self-hosted blog. To be free from the .blogspot! However, I have a sneaky suspicion that H2B is working on that one for me!

2) To find a sponsor for FitBloggin' 11. I'd really like to go, but with planning a wedding, funding is tight right now.

3) I'd like to become a better writer and have better content. I started this blog just as my online diary (remember livejournal?) and now it's turned into my little slice of a bigger online community. Where we all communicate and interact with one another. It's simply amazing (Remember #AMerryWorkoutPledge?). Why not get the Guide to Creating a Better Health Blog from Mary of A Merry Life. Click here to view more details about her e-book. She's incredibly talented and spells it out for us to understand.

4) To meet some of my bloggie friends in real life! Another reason to go to FitBloggin' many of you will be there!

5) A heart rate monitor would be fantastic. I've been drooling over a few models on the Polar website, especially the FT60 it's so pretty and functional.

6) Most of all, I'd like to be more patient. I can never seem to be patient enough. I am particularly hardest on myself. I need to learn to be more patient and to cut myself a little slack. Work hard, but you've also only got one life, so don't forget to live it!


This journey is just that, a journey. And sometimes I need to remind myself that. Back in September, H2B and I started another friendly weight loss challenge between the two of us. Again, it was the highest percentage loss. Loser treats the winner to a weekend getaway to Boston.

Now, you may or may not remember that the last weight loss challenge we had, I lost. We ended up going golfing and taking a dinner train. Now granted, it was a nice day together, but I didn't like paying for it.

And now I really don't want to pay for a trip to Boston.

Trouble is... the contest ends on January 1. I am currently 3 pounds HEAVIER than my September starting weight.... this poses a big problem for me. I've got 3 weeks to turn it around to a loss.

H2B says that he's down roughly 3 pounds from his September starting weight. He's been up just as much as I've been. But now that it's getting close, things are getting serious.

Now it's not lost on me, that the reason we do these little weight loss challenges is to keep each other motivated to continue to lose weight. Not that's it's been keeping me focused, obviously since I've gained weight. However, this challenge coupled with the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus program has renewed my love for Weight Watchers, it works.

I've tracked my food for the last 3 days (since Wednesday) and I plan on continuing. H2B celebrated our last "Dating Anniversary" yesterday. We've been together for 3 years! Who would have thought where my life would be now if I hadn't met the random person online for coffee. We went out for a late dinner at Olive Garden, and when I went to enter my food into my tracker, wow. That is all I can say. I wondered why their salad wasn't even included in their "health options". But more importantly, I tracked it all. In the past I would have just justified it as a celebration and wouldn't have cared. But not this time, I tracked it all. Progress...

Even if I "loose" this challenge between H2B and myself, I still am going to feel like I won, I feel like I am back on track with the new Weight Watchers and I am hoping I can sustain the high a little longer this time. Perhaps even reach the elusive 10% goal?

I'd like your input on another front. There is this half marathon in Hampton (my hometown and also the town I work in) and they allow walkers. It's in February, so a little chilly, but I think I could do it. Maybe even jog some portions of it... what do you all think? Anyone local want to join me?

I feel renewed and focused. Progress is being made, everyone's journey is different.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pick me Foodie McBody!

I hoped on over to Foodie McBody's blog and saw that she's giving away a DirectLife Activity Monitor! I've titled my essay. Shift Work Sucks!

Shift Work Sucks!

Someone has to be there to answer the phone when someone is having an emergency. A lot of the time, that person is me. I work all sorts of hours, days, nights, weekends. We don't shut down. There are times it's so busy I can't leave my desk to pee. This job (and my inattentiveness), caused me to gain 50 pounds the first 2 years of my employment. 

I still need help to lose this weight. I am an emotional and binge eater. And then when I am at work, all I do is sit. I used to have an activity monitor but it broke. I've made some changes in my work routine and I've seen a difference, but I need to knock it up a peg or two and really kick it into high gear. 

I am in the midst of planning my dream wedding and marrying my dream guy. It would icing on the cake if I were to achieve my goals of being healthier and fitter.

I like the motivation and that direct life coach Jen checks in with you to check on your progress. I think if I can set some reasonable goals and with the gentle nudging from a direct life coach, I could totally achieve my fitness goals!

Shift work sucks, because it’s the unknown, you don’t know what is on the other end of the phone. Just like my weight loss journey, it’s the fear of the unknown, will I succeed? Will I fail? This journey will last a lifetime. I am bound and determined to make the most out of my one life that I have!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's a bit of a drab and miserable day here in New Hampshire, it's raining and very windy out there. Thankfully not snow. Although on Saturday night, we did get some snow squalls.

My 10 year high school reunion was on Saturday night and I opted not to go. I had my reasons. And from the looks of facebook, I am sad that I missed out on seeing some people, but it seemed like a lot of drinking and partying. For me, I am just not into that scene anymore. I would have rather had a smaller setting where we could meet and catch up on old times. Oh well, maybe my 20 year will be more enticing.

With the creation of facebook, I am able to stay in contact with more individuals, I talk to people from high school more now, than I ever did in high school. And I can see those who are married, or have children, or who "came out of the closet". I can see photos of their lives, so really it makes the reunion a little pointless, but I can still understand the wanting to meet up with everyone. I am sure it was a fun time. It looked like it for sure! However, for me, the setting just didn't seem right for me. No biggie, I will still continue to talk to my HS peeps!

Monday night, I went dress shopping. It was my first outing. I thought it was going to be a great opportunity to see what was out there and what issues I was going to have with being a plus sized bride. Honestly I was dreading the appointment, I hate dresses, period. I had seen stuff online at DB and wasn't impressed with the styles. I went to a local place here in NH and was pleasantly surprised when she brought me 9 dresses to try on! Now mind you I am currently a size 26 in jeans, she brought me everything from 20 - 28 and you know what? I fit into everything! Any size 26 or 28 was WAY too big. Talk about a NSV! Well I fell in love with a dress! And the price was right, so I bought it! Now, do I plan on loosing weight between now and then, of course, but it's a corset back, which can be tightened and obviously, alterations can help take things in. But you know, it was the size 20 that I fit into perfectly. Maybe a little vanity sizing, but still I was thrilled to say the least.

I was not planning on buying a dress that night, but when I had it on, I was SO comfortable in it. It felt like I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. One of my best friends was there as well as my future mother in law. It was really a great bonding experience. I was thrilled. Oh and I totally welled up a little bit. Not full on crying, but darn close. Picking out the dress, made it that much real-er for OMGee I am getting married!

Although Tuesdays are my normal Weight Watchers day, I was at work yesterday, and unfortunately was unable to attend. However my leader teaches at another location on Thursdays, so I am hoping to make it over there. I am really looking forward to hearing about the new Points Plus program that is being offered. I've gotten the e-mails from Weight Watchers, the e-Tools has converted over, and there are many blog posts out there talking about it. I am excited for the change and I plan to embrace it. Basically I see it as a renewal of sorts, I am renewing my commitment to my weight loss journey, although the plan has changed, my desire to achieve my goals hasn't. And if by some reason the new Points Plus program didn't work for me, I would simply need to find another program that does, but from what I've been reading it's very similar (ie still counting points) but a) the points are calculated differently and b) the values of points are different.

Toy Bank has officially taken over my life, getting phone calls all the time, constantly on the go, running around doing Toy Bank errands, seesh. I remember each year why by the time Christmas rolls around, I am burnt out! However the work is very rewarding when you get to see children smile when they see Santa and you know they are going to have a Christmas morning.

Since it's December 1st, I though I'd briefly update the status of my End of Year Goals... basically a huge failure. Aside from maybe surviving another year of toy bank. I haven't even looked at my HAM operator's book, I am still stagnant on the weight loss front, no where near my 10% goal. ah, le sigh. I won't let it get me down!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap!

So I didn't have a chance to post yesterday, I was so busy with plans that I didn't get to express my wishes for a happy holiday! I hope that you were able to be around your friends and family and most of all FOOD! LOL.

I've been at my parents all week watching the animals and the house. I feel so out of my element. I think I've really hit a point where my old house isn't MY house anymore. Ben and I have a lovely apartment that is my home, and hopefully at some point in the future, we will own a home of our own.

The reason I've been staying at my parents is that they are in North Carolina visiting my brother and his wife, I miss my family. I think it's great that my parents can go down and see my brother, but I miss them! I miss my brother and sister-in-law as well. Le sigh, eventually my brother and his wife will come back north... just for now, we aren't living as close as we'd like. Isn't it funny, that the more physical distance there is between us, the closer it brings us.

But, my parents are on the way back to NH now, and soon I'll be able to go back to my home :-D I haven't seen my apartment in a week! I can only imagine what it looks like!

I worked Wednesday night, so I got out of work Thanksgiving morning, I got a chance to get cleaned up and off Ben and I were to meet up with his mom. We went out to a restaurant called the Taste of Maine, we met up with some friends of their family. We had a lovely time! I was slightly concerned with the buffet. I didn't want to over eat. On top of that, we hadn't eaten breakfast either.. so I was starving. I am proud to report that I listened to my body and stopped when I was full. Which means, one trip to the buffet.

I was able to get back home and manage a nap before heading back to work Thanksgiving night. Since Kerri and I talked on twitter about not being able to do a Turkey Trot, we decided to do a Virtual Turkey Trot! And I knew I wasn't going to have a lot of time on Thanksgiving so I had to do mine at work Thanksgiving night... I am sure if anyone saw me walking around the apparatus floor, they would have really thought that I was off my rocker. But again, I was proud of myself for challenging myself and achieving it!

Normally, I go Black Friday shopping, but I wasn't going to be able to since I had to work. I still got the paper and checked out the deals. I have to say, aside from TV's and laptops, there really wasn't a lot out there. Now granted, I could use both a new tv and laptop, but I just don't think it's in the plans right now. I still saw a few things that I thought would still be there after the masses. So after I got out of work on Black Friday morning, I went shopping. I was able to find some good deals. I could have bought a lot more, but I tried to keep to my budget, and I did fairly well.

While out and about, I managed to stop in at a Weight Watchers center, they had drop in hours. No meeting, but just weighed in. To my complete surprise I was down .2! I think this is the most excited I've ever been about .2 pounds. I freakin' managed to loose weight after Thanksgiving!

Part of the reason I wanted to weigh in was because I wanted to hold myself accountable, especially over the holidays. Also because I am participating in Mary from Fit this, Girl's Don't Gain, Maintain Holiday Challenge!

I hope all of my lovely readers had a wonderful holiday. I was super happy with how things turned out, despite having to work.

Next up, Christmas! (I work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - day shifts, this time around)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New changes coming to Weight Watchers

So next week, Weight Watchers is changing in the United States (I believe it's already changed in Europe and possibly Canada?) I have to say that I am looking forward to the changes. I've been reading a lot of blogs and even from other people in my meeting that are really apprehensive about changing.

I've been saying to myself, that originally I went to Weight Watchers because I wanted to change how I was living, change what I look like, and to change to how I felt about my life and change my perspective.

I believe that part of that change is also to trust the research and time that Weight Watchers has invested into making their program better.

My leader this week talked about accepting changes, not only those that are within your control but those that are out of your control. Many people in my meeting asked if it was at all possible to stay on the Momentum plan, and the leader said, that no not really. That all the literature and information would be changing (which leads be to believe that the point values will be structured different). She also said that this is the first time in like 12 years that the program has changed this drastically. She's been using the new program for several weeks and it's helped her with her issues she's had maintaining.

I am excited for the changes that are coming out. I think it will shake things up, and hopefully help me to get back on track.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly Status Report

Well, my weight is down from last week, not as much as I had gained originally, but down. The scale is moving in the right direction. I am currently at 300 on the nose. Yeah that's right, last week I went above the 300 mark, not my finest moment. But I am a work in progress. 

Since I can't change the past onto the future, my goals from last week were: 
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Track food for 2 days
  • Drink at least 48 ounces of water every day 
Well, I got my exercise in! My Gruve was green for 5 days last week. So happy about that! And I got about half of my water in everyday. I only got the full 48 ounces in 3 days last week. 

My big olde fail of the week... tracking. Really, this is the worst part for me, I am so lazy about it. And I know that is why I am not losing weight.

With Toy Bank as my biggest stressor this time of year. My weight watchers goal is to just go to the meetings and be present. Actively listen and participate. I am really looking forward to the changes that Weight Watchers is implementing. I can't wait to see what is coming down the pipelines. I love it when companies re-invest in their product and research to make it better. 

For this week, I am striving for the same goals. Although tracking is horrible for me, I need to make it (me) a priority and help myself. Especially with Thanksgiving this week, I need to be every mindful of my situation, and try to plan ahead as much as I can. 

In other news, tomorrow, I am going on a road trip to pick up my 500 pound baby.... The UVM Morgan colt that I won in a raffle! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Weigh In & note to self

So my weigh in this week sucked. I was up. I don't even want to post it here... I just can't I need to revamp my priorities. I've made work number 1 when really it needs to be that I am number 1. I've got to put my health first.

My goals from last week:

  • Get my Gruve green 4 days
  • Track my food 2 days

Neither of them happened. Again, largely due to the choices I've made by focusing on other things aside from myself. Of note, I was still having trouble with my Gruve, so even though I was working out, it wasn't recording. After reviewing some materials, I decided that I will wear it on my ankle from now on.

Dear Self, 

You've got so many dreams and big ideas for your life. You said you wanted to give it your best. Right now I am calling you out on that... you haven't been giving it your best. You let the excuses get in and beat you down. No more. 

Go big or go home... don't give up this battle, you are SO worth it.

Luv Ya always... I'm kinda stuck with you

- Me

Now with that being said, I am setting the bar high this week:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Track food for 2 days
  • Drink at least 48 ounces of water every day 
I've got big end of year goals and I need to remain focus on those goals. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010


How about a Saturday night random post from yours truly?

  • H2B and I have our wedding date! October 9th, 2011 (10/9/11) the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend. We have a cake and a venue. So many wedding appointments in the next couple of weeks, menu tasting from the caterer and meeting with a potential photographer. Really the only "service" left to secure is a DJ, and we've got several options out there. 
  • On the wedding topic, I feel very blessed to have many friends and family be so helpful in planning and their knowledge and offering of services. 
  • I feel very un-motivated about Weight Watchers this week, I think it's in part due to the lack of my meeting. I have been thinking about dropping Weight Watchers and just going it on my own. After this week and how I've been feeling, I don't think that would be a good idea. 
  • I won a horse! (I know, random, right?) I've been making arrangements to bring him to his new home. He won't be staying, I just can't justify trying to train a colt when I'm in the midst of wedding planning and well then there is the financial impact, especially since after the wedding we will be house hunting. I've got several horsey contacts and I will find him a great forever home. In the meantime, he will be loved!
  • I got to go on another beach ride this past week, what a de-stressor it was for me. I really needed that. I am very fortunate to have that opportunity. 
  • I am thinking about finding another 5K to participate in. I think that will help with my motivation factor and get me to re-commit to the C25K program. Problem is, there aren't many 5K's in the dead of Winter here in New Hampshire!
  • Toy Bank has officially started! Each year I run a program for children and help them have a Christmas when otherwise, they may have gone without. The magic of Santa and the spirit of the community come together and help many children in the town that I grew up in (and work for.) Last year we did just about 320 children. It's a lot of work for me, but very rewarding. 
  • My dad called me today, one of the family pets, a cat named Tawny died today. She was the youngest animal that my parents had. She had been throwing up for the past 2 weeks, last Saturday, my parents took her to the emergency vet, and she was doing well on her medication, but for whatever reason, she died today. :-( 
  • I talked to my brother the other day (he lives in NC), he woke me up at 8am, we talked for a good 45 minutes. It was wonderful, I enjoy our talks. I miss him! 
  • My Gruve has been acting up. Twice now, it hasn't recorded my activity all day. I've been wearing it on my sock for the past 2 days and it seems to be accurate (that is the suggested placement if you are biking). So I guess from now on I will try that out. 
And that's about it on this Saturday evening. I hope all is well with you folks!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Non weigh in

So due to me being absent minded and my work life (shift work) I forgot to weigh in this week... My usual weigh in day is Tuesday, and on that day, I thought it was Monday and by the end of the day I thought it was Wednesday. Ugh.

Goals for this week:
  • Get my Gruve green 4 days
  • Track my food for 2 days
Of course, I had gone to the gym, and for whatever reason, my Gruve decided not to register a single calorie. Bummer. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat?

Guess what I won... no it's no joke....

What the hell am I going to do with that? I guess I should play the lottery.

The back story is that I've always entered the giveaway, more so to help the school. I think UVM is a great school, and their breeding program is amazing.. but never in a million years did I think I would win!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Doctor's Report and End of Year Goals: Finish Strong!

On Thursday morning, I had my annual physical. All told, things are progressing well. No major concerns on the part of the doctor. Still morbidly obese, but I am making progress. My doctor was elated that I had made some progress. She kept trying to reassure me that even 18 pounds in a year is progress.

Image Source
My knee pain is gone, my energy levels are up, I am eating better and I feel better. I need to focus on the good, positive changes that have occurred in the past year.

My doctor and I also talked about my upcoming life changes, my engagement and planning a wedding. And obviously children. She recommended to continue to lose weight and encouraged the healthy lifestyle changes. It can only improve mine and my babies chances of a healthy pregnancy. Obviously, I want to look good for the wedding day, but also H2B and I want to start a family, and I want to be able to do while being healthy. There is so much negative information out there about obese women and fertility and pregnancy, that one could get overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Other than being overweight, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health, pending lab values. Last year, my cholesterol was slightly elevated, enough to note it, but no action was necessary. My doctor knows that I am making changes and encouraged me to continue on my path.

I was hoping to be significantly lighter this year from last year. Although I am not, I have lost 18 pounds (according my doctor's scale) and I need to be proud of that accomplishment. The scale is moving in the right direction over the long term. Sometimes it's hard to lose sight of that when I am so focused on the day to day stuff.

Bringing me into my next topic, Kerri from Kat Does Diets recently talked about her End of Year goals and what she'd like to accomplish. Well, believe it or not, she has inspired me (she does quite often), and with the recently failure of my monthly goals (switching up to weekly goals). I thought to myself, it's a great time to identify a couple of things that I'd like to see by the end of 2010. So without further adu, my End of Year Goals:
  • Achieve my 10% - this has been dogging me for 8 months. I've voiced/blogged several times that I want to achieve this but it hasn't happened. I need to create an action plan and stick to it!
  • Accomplish at least 3 other items on my 101 things in a 1001 days list
  • Live through another year of Toy Bank
  • Start working on finding a sponsor for FitBloggin' 11
  • Study to take my HAM operator's test in early 2011
I feel like this is a great mix of work/personal/blog/healthy goals for me. And totally achievable. I will be printing off this list to post in my bedroom, to remind me of my goals and help me to accomplish them.

What would you like to complete/achieve before the end of 2010?

Shout Out!

To a "In Real Life" friend, who also blogs, Tricia! Yesterday was her birthday (yes she is older than me!) We've been great friends for years! Despite the injuries I had to incure (inside joke)

Check out her blog about her life and her family, Family Thyngs!

And here is a family portrait from our Christmas Tree Hunt.. Which I have a feeling will be a annual Thyng/Leavitt tradition.... LOL

Ugh, sorry it's so dark, it was raining so we put away the nice camera and we were left with my iPhone camera.

October Monthly Goals Recap

Well, here it is the end of another month. I will be recapping my October goals, but I am switching to weekly goals, as for right now, I think the short term focus is what I need. So no more monthly goals, but now weekly goals, which will be included in my regular weigh in posts.

October Goals:
  • Get my Gruve green at least 4 times a week
  • Secure a wedding venue and date
  • Track food for at least one week straight
  • Achieve my 10% (finally)
  • Study for my HAM operator's license
Wow... I have to honestly say, this is the first month that I've failed at all the goals I set up. My heart wasn't in it and I got distracted. Even though I've made significant progress on securing a wedding venue and a date, it's not final yet (though we are close, probably with in the next week or two). We know the venue, it's just a matter of the catering.

My weight has fluxuated this month. Largly due to my back pain/injury and not being able to fully commit to working out and a weight program.
Let's just move on and focus on the weekly goals.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product Review: L'Bri all natural skin care line

I was given the opportunity recently to review a product called L'BRI. This opportunity was provided because of Business2Blogger. I received product to sample in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.

In the Sample Pack I received was:
  • Rejuvenating Facial Peel
  • Deep Pore Cleanser
  • Freshener (Toner)
  • Lotion (Moisturizer)
  • Facial Masque
  • Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub
  • Smooth n/ Firm Eye Repair Gel
  • As well as a wealth of product/company information

    New England winters can be harsh and terrible on skin. I am notorious for not using moisturizer consistently. My normal routine was using the same cleanser I had been using since high school and some toner. I'd called it good. So I was interesting in changing up my routine and trying something new.

    As I said, there was a lot of informative material included with the samples for me to try. One of particular note was that, "You will notice some change just by using these samples for a few days, but it will requires a minimum of 30 days usage to experience superior results."

    I was a little nervous at first to try the stuff out, as I wanted to give a clear and honest review, but I didn't know if I was going to be able to tell! I am happy to report that I am noticing small changes in my skin. Normally, I am very prone to breakouts, especially when stressed.

    I followed the very clear directions, first applying the cleanser, then the Rejuvenating Facial Peel, then the Freshener, the Smooth n' Firm Eye Repair Gel and lastly the Moisturizer.

    I really enjoyed the Smooth n' Firm Eye Repair Gel. I could really tell a difference. Working in my line of work, I am up all hours of the night, and my under eye area is prone to puffiness and dark circles. I really liked the tip of leaving the gel in the refrigerator to help reduce the puffiness faster.

    There is something different about my face/skin. When I went to get my eyebrows waxed recently, my stylist noted that my skin looked more toned and wasn't dry at all. She asked me what was I using, I was more than happy to tell her! 

    There is a whole product line that L'Bri offers, including the products above, and much more, Shampoo and Conditioner as well as makeup. I am really impressed with the fact that it's made in the USA and they do not test on animals, or use any human or animal by-products in their skin care products. The first ingredient is Aloe, not water as commonly found with other products. This is a high quality natural skin care line without the high dollar price tag.

    As a generous offer from L'Bri, they have provided me with a full sized version of their sample packet to try for a longer period of time. You don't have to use a whole lot of the product to get the desired effect/results. Their sample packet which is said to be about a week's supply, lasted me nearly 2 weeks, and I didn't feel like I was skimping at all. If you would like to try their sample packet visit (be aware, that they charge $6.75 for shipping and handling, but that's way worth it to try a new product without committing to a full sized version).

    Back Pain Update

    I mentioned in my last post about going to the doctor's this morning, although my back is better it's not 100%. I do feel like this is partly the reason as to why I haven't been able to do any weight lifting (or floor work), it still just hurts too much.

    The past 2 weeks I've been walking on a trail system near my apartment with my friends and their awesome dogs from Patch Wood Farms, it's been great getting outside and enjoying the fall, the trails are wonderful and for the most part easy to walk on. On Tuesday we went for a walk, like we've done many times. However, I stumbled, I tripped over a rock. I caught myself and didn't fall down. But the jarring pain of tripping and catching myself sent a sharp wave of pain over my back, I may have said a curse word. It was a sharp reminder that I am still not 100%. But, walking did help alleviate the pain. I am thrilled that I can walk, but right now running, floor work and weights are not in the cards. And I just wonder for how long.

    I think that I am treating this back pain reasonably. I love my chiropractor, she's amazing. I've been icing my back and on the really bad days, I am taking some Tylenol/pain relief. I know that it takes time for the body to heal, but just like with my weight loss, I am impatient. I've got to keep reminding myself, that if I do too much, I am only hurting myself and further delaying my progress. I need to be patient. Which is sometimes very hard for me to do. I have made progress, I can go days without pain, but it's the one day of pain that brings me right back.

    Still not sure how I did this to myself. I have an old work injury (from EMT training and lifting a patient) that I could have aggravated. It's in about the same area. I could have done something while dancing at my friend's wedding, or partying in Atlantic City... I guess we'll never know, but I am hoping that I can recover from this and get back on track.

    Weigh In

    There has been so much going on. I am not terribly focused at the moment on Weight Watchers and my healthy living goals. I really enjoyed this week's meeting topic (Trick or Treat) and talking about all the little ways we trick ourselves into thinking it's a real treat.

    Last Week's Weight: 296.4
    This Week's Weight: 297.4
    Gain: 1
    Total Loss: -16.4

    My next mini goal is to get back to a total of 20 pounds lost, I've been going back and forth. To accomplish this goal, for the next week, I will have a loss, I will have progress.

    - Gruve to green at least 4 days this week
    - Water, get my water intake in (64 ounces).

    Today, I am going for my yearly physical with my doctor. I know I won't be as light than I wanted to be, but I am lighter than I was last year, and I need to focus on the long term goal of healthy living. I am making positive changes in my life. I hope that my doctor is at least a little pleased with my progress.

    In wedding news, we had a cake date, and we love the baker! She's really wonderful and creative. We came up with a design that will be very fall and very New Hampshire. My stepmother is allergic to alcohol (tough break, but I always have a DD) so we had to get a cake that didn't use alcohol. We tried a chocolate torte cake, which was delicious... I can't stand chocolate cake (store or box), but her chocolate cake is homemade and is so amazing. I can't believe I went with a chocolate cake for my wedding cake. The sample tasted so good, I really loved it. So sad I'll have to wait nearly a year before I can have it again!

    The weather in NH has been really wonky lately (typical, I guess), there is an old saying, If you don't like the weather in New England, wait 5 minutes. And it's been true the last couple of days. On Sunday H2B and I got together with Tricia and her Thyng Family to tag our respective Christmas trees. It took us about an hour and a half of wandering around to find one. Both were at the very back of the tree property. It was a fun outing, but when the rain started to fall, both Tricia and I were kind of done.

    The red fire hat is to help us identify it when we come back in December to chop it down.

    Then yesterday and today, it's looking like we are in the high 60's and low 70's. Wow, that's warm for late October! Soon enough snow will start to fly and we will all be looking forward to summer.

    Take Care!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Weigh In

    My back is feeling much better, instead of going to the chiropractor every day, I am going 3 times a week now. I still am not 100%, there are times where I still get a twinge of pain, but I've been cleared to do some minimal weight training and lifting. Just like weight loss, I'd love my back pain recovery to be quick and instant. It's not going to happen. Slow and steady, just like weight loss.

    Last Week's Weight: 297
    This Week's Weight: 296.4
    Loss: -0.6
    Total Loss: -17.4

    I am still working off the weight I gained during my injury, but I am ok with it. Because I am making progress and the scale is moving in the right direction.

    I am thinking about changing from monthly goals to weekly goals. I haven't been focused on getting my Gruve green, and I think that if I had a couple of weekly goals each week, that the shorter term would help keep me focused, and I could be more reasonable with my goals, given what's going on in my week. I'll probably start in November when my October monthly goals will be over.

    I hope everyone is having a great week!

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Weekly Weigh In

    Even with my back still hurting, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting. Mostly we talked about what WW tools we like to use. For me, my iPhone app is huge, even though I don't use it as much as I should, I know it's there and can track my food with it.

    Last Week's Weight: 299.4
    This Week's Weight: 297.0
    Loss: -2.4
    Total Loss: -16.8

    I tweeted on Monday night that I wasn't looking forward to weighing in, that I was hoping to stay the same, or lose. So I was delighted to see a loss when I went to weigh in. Even though my activity level has been greatly diminished, I was able to slightly recover from the big nasty gain of last week.

    I checked back in my tracker, I started my Weight Watchers journey on 10/6/09 at 313.8. I am happy to report that since I dropped below the 300's I haven't been back since. So even though I've been loose with the plan and gaining and loosing the same weight for 4 months, I am still under the 300 mark. (Small victories)

    I received the all clear to walk, but I am still unable to do much else, activity wise. It's frustrating, since I'd like to do more. I received my Buff Brides workout DVD in the mail and wanted to get started with that. I just think it's going to take awhile for the body to heal properly.

    In other news, I am back to my regular work schedule, which is wonderful, and I am hopeful that I can resume my normal schedule. Now I've just got to work on getting my back fixed.

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Review: 10 Minute Solution Workout for Nintendo Wii

    I was recently given the opportunity to review the 10 Minute Solution for the Nintendo Wii. Since H2B is the more technical individual in our relationship. I asked for his take on the product. Oh yeah, FTC? We received the product in exchange for our honest opinion about it.

    Before you can do any training game you must complete the training for it, if you haven't previously completed the training. This is a good requirement considering all of the health and safety notes listed in the instruction booklet.  

    There are three different games to choose from and they are all single player only:
    •    Instant workout offers 16, 5 minute, workout games.
    •    Custom workout.
    •    My Fitness Plan: This option allows you to create your own workout program. You can create up to a 7 day workout schedule with customized routines.

    Game options: 

    This game comes with your usual array of options for an interactive sports game. You can change the difficulty between normal and advanced. You also have the opportunity to specify if you are left or right handed. The trainer can be customized for gender and voice.

    Starting the game for the first time: 

    This game has several different control options. I find this to be an excellent option, so you are not necessarily forced to purchase additional equipment, you can choose to use the Wiimote and Nunchuk, two Wiimotes, and/or the Wii Balance Board. 

    If you jump right in with the Instant Workout option there are no options to change the exercises you'll be doing, but you do get to choose from several virtual locations. The training segment seems to be mostly dialog driven with your trainer telling you what to do and then following up with a short breakout for you to try each action to make sure you understand the directions. The directions are fairly easy to follow, but the game appears to have it's own internal timer on how long the moves should take and the in game visual queues are not the most intuitive. I'm hoping that this gets better once I start the exercise and can follow the rhythm of the music to aid the progress.

    The first exercise that I was tasked with completing was basic step aerobics. The response for the game with the Balance Board was excellent. The transition from move to move is a little frustrating at first though I think most users would adapt quickly that you have to shift your focus from the onscreen trainer to the move name bar at the bottom of the screen to get a better idea of when your moves are going to be changing. The feedback system is very understated. If you are doing the move perfectly you will see glowing light bursts start appearing changing from silver to gold and getting larger the more perfect repetitions you have and you will also get the occasional "Good Job" from your trainer.

    The second exercise that I was presented was Boxing. I was looking forward to this since I have several other Wii games that employ boxing as an activity. The speed of the exercise seemed a little slow. If you follow the rhythm of the music track, which is supposed to work as a secondary guide to the visual queues, you will probably find yourself expecting your jabs and crosses to come a little more frequently. A huge failing with the game has to be noted here. There are three basic moves that you are presented with for the boxing segment, jab, cross, and bob.  If you aren't familiar with these moves they are just fancy ways of saying punch with your left fist, punch with your right fist, duck/squat down. The game appears to track the punching action with adequate speed and accuracy.  The ducking worked twice for me during the entire 5 minute exercise. Keep in mind that I'm over 6 feet tall so when I duck down the controllers are dropping at least 18 inches. Needless to say I was not impressed.

    If you go to the custom workout you will find three categories of exercises to choose from:
    •    Cardio Boxing
    •    Mixed Games
    •    Step Aerobics

    You will also see an option at the bottom of the screen that says Workout Video. There were no on screen clues at to what the video would cover, but since I had all of my exercise choices available on this screen, it made sense to me that maybe there was a stock catalog of exercise videos and corresponding clips would be shown based on what I selected. My assumption was not the case, the video that started playing and was for Ab exercises. The video is good quality and looks like any exercise at home video you would pick up in a store. The video is very fast paced and if you aren't familiar with the moves then you will find yourself wishing that there was a pause or rewind feature. Since that is missing you can either wait for the entire video to finish after 10 minutes or hit the A button to leave the video and go back to the previous screen. Bear in mind that if you do exit the video there is no resume feature, so you will be forced to start from the beginning every time.


    ◦    I think that the graphics and the variety of activities in this workout game are very good.
    ◦    The ability to use multiple controller combinations to interact is an excellent feature. 
    ◦    The structure for the exercises is also well done, so you will feel that you have really completed a good workout if you do 10 to 30 minutes.

    ◦    This game is really designed for an older audience 14+
    ◦    It is slow to start, until all of the pre-exercise training is complete.
    ◦    The seemingly random controller response is very frustrating and this could lead you to start skipping some exercises. Perhaps the developers will make an update for the game that will resolve this issue.


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