Monday, October 4, 2010


I have to admit, I am a little nervous going to Weight Watchers tomorrow and weighing in. This past weekend I was in the car a lot, we had two weddings to attend this weekend. One Friday night in New Jersey and on Sunday morning in Maine.

Being in the car for 7 hours to go to New Jersey is tough for me. I have nothing else to do but eat, its a comfort thing. I did ok considering what I would have eaten in the past. However I know I could have done better. I could have planned and had snacks on hand. It's tough, I was working right up until the morning that we were leaving.

Sunday morning, prior to wedding #2, I jumped on the scale at the house and I was up at least 4 pounds. I have to admit I wasn't surprised given what I had been doing. Little to no activity and eating crap. Makes sense. This morning I weighed in, and I was actually down from Sunday morning, but still up like 3 pounds and change overall.

On top of it, I woke up Sunday morning with some intense back pain. I toughed it out and went to the wedding on Sunday. Today (Monday) I went to the chiropractor and he determined that I have a bulging disc in my low back. It's quite uncomfortable, I have low back pain and shooting pain down my legs (mostly my right leg). So I am on the injured list. Which is upsetting, this week at work is crazy, but even in my downtime / time off, I can't go work out, I can barely walk at times. Which means I can't really work on my activity level.

As frustrating as that is, I know I need to give my back time to heal or else it will never get better. I am hoping that by taking it as easy as I can, that it will quicken my recovery.

I am going to focus on my food this week (or however long it takes to recover) and not get too depressed about my lack of activity. I will do what I can, but not try to push it.

I was going to avoid weighing in this week, given the wedding / travel weekend and now compounded with the injury, but after reading Julia's post, I am going to go and weigh in, regardless of the results, accept them and move on.

My challenge this week will be to survive all the work. Focus on my food and accept that my activity level is going to be diminished due to injury. And work on my recovery from my injury.

This is a new week, with a new challenge and I will resolve to remain focused on my long term goals.

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*Whitney* said...

So sorry to hear about your back! That's terrible. The best thing you can do it let it heal. I know that's hard to do, but it's best not to re-injure it later! Feel better soon!


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