Friday, October 29, 2010

Shout Out!

To a "In Real Life" friend, who also blogs, Tricia! Yesterday was her birthday (yes she is older than me!) We've been great friends for years! Despite the injuries I had to incure (inside joke)

Check out her blog about her life and her family, Family Thyngs!

And here is a family portrait from our Christmas Tree Hunt.. Which I have a feeling will be a annual Thyng/Leavitt tradition.... LOL

Ugh, sorry it's so dark, it was raining so we put away the nice camera and we were left with my iPhone camera.

1 comment:

triciathyng said...

Thanks for the shout!! :) I better get to bloggin! I hope that our tree hunting becomes a tradition...when our children get old enough we'll have them pull us around the fields ;)

And congrats on losing 18 pounds!!!


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