Friday, August 29, 2014

End of Summer

Holy Moly! How did it get to be the end of summer already? At the beginning of summer, I had all these plans to do day trips with Mister Mans and have fun and enjoy every moment of summer that we could. Fast forward to today, the beginning of Labor Day weekend and I still feel like there is so much left I wanted to do.

Hubby has been on vacation this week so we've taken the opportunity to get some day trips in. We went down to Boston for the Boston Duck Tours. It was great getting to be a tourist for the day. I learned things on the tour that I never knew about Boston. It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we are heading to Liquid Planet, which is in Candia. I am hoping that we have some fun, but I am excited to check out a new attraction.

I continue to struggle with the weight. There is a woman who my chiropractor recommends who deals with obese women. She is a nutritionist and a personal trainer, so I am hoping that I can work with her to come up with a game plan that will work for me. I am excited about the potential. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but it's work that is necessary.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Focus / Struggle

Right now my life is focused on raising my son and my home. I feel like I am constantly moving, doing something.

However the scale just seems to never budge, or when it does it goes up.

I need to rework my daily grind and make myself a priority. We have a membership to the YMCA however I haven't been since May.

I prefer to work out in the morning. As of late we've been working on painting the house after Mister Mans goes to bed, and staying up late to do it (midnight). After a long night of painting I just haven't been able to get out of bed early in the morning to get to the Y. I am hoping that soon the painting will be done and I can get to bed at a more reasonable hour so that I can get back into a groove with my workout.

Food is the other struggle.  At work I am constantly eating just out of boredom. I need to focus more on cooking and preparing meals at home. At work, I need to only eat when I am hungry. I used to have lifesavers that I would suck on while I was at work and was just mindlessly eating... I need go buy some more lifesavers.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Oh hello there...

Seriously, how do bloggers keep up with blog posts on a frequent basis? My last post was in January! How quickly life flies by.

September is quickly approaching and Mister Mans is going to be 2.

This summer has been fantastic! Brenden is at a great age where we can go and explore and he has so much fun. Last weekend we went up to North Conway, NH to the Conway Scenic Railway for a Day with Thomas (Brenden's current obsession). We also hit up StoryLand where Brenden got to run around the park and see everything.

We've also been making good use of our pool this summer. Over the Winter and Spring we signed Brenden up for swim lessons through our local Y. He hated it at first.... but we felt since we had a pool and we both love the water, that we would keep at it. We decided to take the summer off since we have our own pool and we would take the lessons we learned in swim and use them in the pool. Well Brenden has taken off in the pool this summer. I cannot wait to go back to the Y and show off my son who now has a love of the pool and water...

He still hates bath time, well when he gets water poured over his head, but hey, I pick my battles right now.

At the beginning of June, hubby and I attempted to paint the interior of our house. We planned on having Brenden stay with the grandparents, so we could focus on painting. Like I said, our original intentions was to paint all 9 rooms. After the second day, we realized that we wouldn't be able to get to all of them. So we made the decision to not work on our bedroom and our bathroom. By the time the week was over, we only had one room 100% done, Brenden's bedroom. Over the 6 weeks, we've gotten more finishing work done. But we still have more work to do. I feel like it's never ending.

We thought a week to do the whole house would be appropriate, we were being optimistic. However it looks like we bit off more than we could chew. Thankfully the end is in sight. And as far as working on the house, that is the major project for us this year.

It's crazy to have your life revolve around a little one, but he gives my life so much joy. He also tests me like none other, but even on the "bad days" I still love him and couldn't imagine my life without him.

We have also gotten to know our neighbors a little more. We moved into a great neighborhood. Our plans revolve more around "play dates" but it's a fun little life.

Hopefully I'll be able to update on a more frequent basis, and heck even post some pictures!

On the weight front, I am the heaviest I have ever been... So there is that... always a work in progress.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy new year!

Hello all! I am going to see if this helps me blog more. I purchased an app called "blog press" for my iPad (Christmas gift). Maybe I will blog more since right now, it seems fairly easy to post from this app.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, it went by so quickly for me. Brenden is getting so big and had a wonderful Christmas. We are so spoiled and I have no idea where we are going to put all the new toys he got.

My brother and his wife came up from NC. It was great getting to see them and spend some time with them. I do miss them a lot. Especially since we probably will not make it down there to see them this year. Aside from out usual trips this summer, most of our "extra money" will be going to getting some things done around the house, like painting the interior.

New Years came and went. I had to work New Years Day, so I didn't even make it to midnight. I was way too tired. But as usual we got out Chinese food. It was just us, so we didn't play any games. But we still had a great time. I love spending time with my husband.

As far as my weight, well I stepped on the scale and I am 341. Ugh, still way too darn heavy. I got a fitbit for Christmas, and I am getting familiar with it, but I can already see I want to challenge myself to get my steps in. Speaking of fitbit, I need friends! So if you have one, let's be friends!!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, let's make 2014 a good and healthy one!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yeah sorry about that, I can't believe it's been since the end of July since I've done a blog post. Having a kid really cuts into my blogging time!

Summer was super busy at work, I have to say it's been one of the busier summers we've had in awhile. Now that its our off season, we are getting ready to move into our new facilities. It will be so nice to have a brand new facility to work in. I am looking forward for that upgrade. It is long overdue.

August was quite busy, most notable, we were able to take a family vacation to Bar Harbor! Now Ben and I have been visiting Bar Harbor ever since we've been dating, but we had to take the last 2 years off (wedding one year and baby last year!) so we were more than thrilled to be resuming our usual trip. The last time we were there, Ben proposed to me at sunrise on top of Cadillac Mountain. This year we took our son to the top! My how quickly life changes.

September seemed to fly by, we celebrated Brenden's first birthday! I can't believe that it's been a year! Having a baby really does change your life, in more ways than I can describe, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. He brings such joy to my life, that I didn't even know was possible.
First born

First fair (1 year old)
September we also restarted another tradition, going to the fair! We didn't make it to any fairs last year due to having a newborn and adjusting to that new life. So it was nice to get to go this year, we hit up Deerfield Fair and Fryeburg Fair this year. Mister Mans loved them both.

Now here we are mid way through October and fall is in full swing. When I am not at work, I spend my days with Mister Mans and getting to enjoy watching him explore and discover this new world. We have some baby play groups that we go to, which is great. A) it gets us out of the house and B) allows Brenden to get socialized with other babies. He knows how to wave (hello and goodbye) he claps and he dances... we are currently working on being gentle, since Brenden loves to slap other babies and gouge their eyeballs out. He's a strong crawler, but he is cruising along furniture/walking toy, so I have no doubt that he'll be walking any day now. Then the fun really begins for mommy...

He is such a great baby, I don't know if I want any more! We have been so blessed with him and he has been easy to us. But then again, I think a brother or sister will be good for him (and us), eventually... not rushing down that train just yet.

We have now been in our house over 6 months. We had a housewarming party in July, it was so good to see so many of our friends and family and to share our house with them. I can certainly see many more parties there. It's a great house and although we are still unpacking boxes, I very much feel at home there.

As far as my healthy living goes... well I went to a zumba class on August 1st and dislocated my knee cap. Man did that suck. I was on crutches for a hot minute, since crutches with a crawling baby do NOT work. And I was in a knee brace for 6 weeks. Even today, I am still in physical therapy trying to work on getting my knee back.

I know that my weight is largely to blame for my knee problems. And I am trying desperately to avoid surgery. I have cancelled my membership at planet fitness, it just isn't the right fit for me anymore. I am shopping around for a new gym. Right now the top contender is the YMCA, its a 30 minute drive each way, but it has child care and a pool. I can do water aerobics to help rehab my knee. They also do swim lessons for baby. which would be nice since that is something we really wanted to do for Brenden. Right now, the biggest hang up is the travel time. But I need to make it a priority for me.

Brenden's first birthday also marked a goal for me, 1 year of pumping. I made my ultimate goal! Now that I am weaning off the pump, I can start restricting my calories a little and not worry so much about eating enough to make milk. 

So where am I at? Well I am in the ball park of where I was before, 334. The knee injury really set me back. But now that I am going down a good path I need to get back into a routine, especially before winter/snow hits and I really want to hibernate! 

So that's about it for now. hopefully it won't be another 3 months before I get to update again, but who knows, life is never dull with a baby.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Back in the saddle again

In order to achieve my goal, I obviously need to do something.

I have been trying to figure out what would work for me. Do I try CrossFit? Do I try a gym that has a daycare facility, I've done classes before (zumba) that I've enjoyed, but then again I've been a member at Planet Fitness and enjoy that as well. I've run/walked a 5K, and in doing so I've determined that I am not a runner.

So when trying to get refocused, is it a good time to change and add something new? Or should I stick with what I know?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

EPing journey / lip tied

Brenden is 10 months old now (holy cow) and I am nearing the end of my EPing journey. When Ben and I made the decision to EP, my long term goal was one year. One year of EPing with a freezer stash to get us thru cold and flu season. But when you are a stressed out and over tired new mom, one year seems like forever, so I went with mini-goals, and focused on 3 months at a time, When I made it 3 months, we tried for 6 and then for 9 and so on.

When Brenden was born, we had troubles breastfeeding. He had a difficult latch and also was very impatient with things, he would get frustrated when the milk wouldn't come quick enough. We had several meetings with the lactation people at the hospital, who said that he may have a tongue tie, so we went to our primary care doctor who referred us to an ENT doctor. He examined Brenden and said there was nothing structurally wrong with his mouth. I even had my chiropractor examine him since he shared his wife's struggles with breastfeeding. But after nothing, we went back to our primary care and she did a neuro evaluation, but again, he passed. Every test and doctor said there was nothing wrong with him.

In talking with the lactation people, they wanted us to go to Boston to get a second opinion, she really felt that he was tongue tied, and that it was presenting weird. But with the new mom over tiredness, and having already spent the first 2 weeks of his life in doctor's offices, I just couldn't anymore. So after talking over with Ben, we decided to EP.

Fast forward 10 months, we went back to the same ENT doctor for a chronic ear infection and while at the appointment, I had him check Brenden's lip for possibly being lip tied. And sure enough he agreed with me that he had one. Due to his age and how thick the tie was, in order for the doctor to correct it, Brenden would have to be put under. He suggested seeing a pediatric dentist in Massachusetts, who uses a laser to correct lip ties.

That is where Dr. Kaplan and Kid Care Dental comes in. I called an got an appointment that week. His office is nearly a 2 hour ride one way for me, but it was worth it. Dr. Kaplan has a great office, the staff are super friendly, and made this momma feel at ease. Dr. Kaplan took one look at Brenden's mouth and said, yes, he's got a significant lip tie, oh and he's got a posterior tongue tie as well. Separate, both can inhibit successful breastfeeding, but together can make it very difficult.

Dr. Kaplan said there wasn't a need to correct the tongue tie, but the lip tie was worth correcting, and best yet, he could do it right in the office, right now. Which is great, as it would save us from another trip down there. So after a quick chat with Ben about things, we opted to go ahead with the procedure.

I will say that the site looks nasty, I can't wait for it to heal over, and Brenden is not a fan of the post op care. We have to stretch out top lip as to prevent the site from adhering and having to go through this all over again. But I can already see improvement in his top lip, it doesn't seem as tight as it once was and when he takes his bottles, he's got a perfect seal.

I don't have any grand visions of getting Brenden to nurse, although it would be nice, he's 10 months old, he knows where to get his milk from, and it's not from my boob.

Dr. Kaplan did say that it was a shame that we didn't see him sooner, that if it had been caught sooner, that Brenden may have been able to be breastfed.

I was mad at first, here we tried to do everything right, and we saw plenty of doctors and we were told that everything looked normal. It was only after I thought I found something and asked did it get noticed. But then I reflected that no matter what we accomplished what we wanted, to give Brenden breastmilk - it may not have been the method we wanted, but the end result was achieved. In addition to deciding to EP, I've learned a lot more about pumping/breastfeeding/etc, which has enabled me to help others. But most of all, I've been able to donate my oversupply to several other babies. I've made friendships over EPing. We've fought thru clogs and MOTN pump sessions while everyone else is sleeping and more.

I will just chalk this up to knowledge and learning. Because when baby #2 comes in a few years, if there are any problems, I am going to keep after them.

I will post the before and after picture here for those who want to see it. It's a little graphic, but I think it serves a purpose. Brenden's lip tie was pretty "meaty" The doctor likened it to a sort of cleft palate, just with normal skin appearance on the outside. He also pointed out that it was mostly baby fat that he removed. His tie went from the roof of the lip and almost connected to the roof of his mouth. The gap in his teeth should close, but will most certainly be closed when his permanent teeth come in.


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