Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another week goes by

Well work has been super busy, I unfortunately missed BOTH the Deerfield and Fryeburg Fairs this year :-( Bummer. I guess that means that I will have to go next year ;-) I seem to be missing many of my fall routines this year. It's almost peak fall foliage season, and no trips in site to head north to see some of the beauty.

According to the google calendar, Ben and I have the first weekend in November off, so NO PLANS! Ben and I are going to enjoy a nice quiet weekend together. I have to say I am looking forward to it. I've been so busy between work and EMT refresher training and he's been way busy with work (product is getting ready to ship), I think it will be nice for the two of us just to have a quiet weekend together.

So its official, my cousin Cathy, Kelli and myself are joining weight watchers, well Cathy has already joined but this will be my first week (as well as Kelli's). Kelli and I have been going back and forth with the idea, and then Cathy sent me a message asking if I would like to join her (first stating that she hoped that she didn't offend me) which - I'm fat, I know I am. So no, it doesn't offend me, if anything should motivate me. I think it will help to have some friends there who can keep you motivated to stick it out - since they are going through the same struggles that you are. Nick and Lindsay are doing it down in North Carolina, seems like they are quite successful at it. And my insurance will reimburse me each year up to $300 for healthy stuff like WW, so I really do not have an excuse. And I still have the books from the last time I did it, so really it should be short money up front. I find it difficult to put the time/effort into eating better when I work so much, but I need to put down the take-out menu and pick up a previous prepared healthy meal.

Speaking of Nick, he called me on Friday (I was at the farm and literally had just gotten back from my walk with Kathleen and the dogs) and he said that he just got the package I sent him in early September! Somewhere in Post Office hell, they didn't deliver the package right away.... which is funny, since when I went to mail it, the Postwoman asked me if I trusted the Post Office to get it there quickly, to which I said, of course! Big mistake I guess! Oh well, brother appreciated the thought. I was just trying to send him a taste of New England!

The rents are camping this weekend, so I had to stop by the house and check on the cats this morning on my way into work, good thing I did! Food dish was empty! Poor Melly was wasting away.... any of you who know my cat Melly, she won't die of hunger ANYTIME soon... she's a fat ass and fits right in with the family. But Aunt Pam and Uncle Ralph have gone home and Aunti Barbara wasn't there, there is still some stuff in her apartment, but she wasn't there (either at church or at her new house in Rochester) so big doings at the family farm in Hampton.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy this week and one of the supporting characters needed a liver transplant due to his alcoholism, and he was talking about how he got that way. In that he would drink, and then say that he would never drink again, and he'd be good for a day, but then he'd reward himself with a drink, and start the vicious cycle over. I feel the exact same way with food. I do really well for a day or two and then I "reward" myself with a treat. My thought process is, oh I went for a walk today, I can have this candy bar, or whatever.... its really a bad way of thinking. And really, makes me think that I am a food addict.

Coming up this week is our kick off Toy Bank meeting! Holy Moly, its Toy Bank Time again! Seesh! Working at HCAPS (doctor's office) this week and hopefully a lunch date with Liane, a friend from freshman year in college, we've rescheduled this lunch about 4 times now over the past few months, so I am hopeful that I'll get to see her! And BINGO on Friday... so even though I work a lot, I do get some time to play, and when I do, I like to play hard!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's October... Fall weather in New England!

Ok, so it's been since March that I last updated this blog. What can I say, life gets away from me, I am sure anyone can say that. Things have really been moving along quickly here. I'm still working two jobs, still living with my fabulous boyfriend, Ben, in Kingston. In fact we just celebrated 1 year of living in Kingston, crazy to think how time flies. We both really love Kingston. Hopefully we can find a nice house somewhere.

So what's happened since March.... well on April 6th, the season opener for the Red Sox.... my brother and his fiancee got married! It was a small ceremony, its just crazy to think that my baby brother is now married. Well later on in April my brother and his wife (!) moved to North Carolina. Lindsay had finished her nursing degree and was offered a job at Duke Hospital. It's a 2 year commitment, so my brother moved down there and it sucks. I miss him so much, I knew I was going to miss father and stepmother are planning on spending Thanksgiving down there with him which is awesome, but I wish I could be there. Unfortunately, between work and Toy Bank, November isn't a good month for me to be traveling. I talk to my brother on the phone or facebook about every few days, but at least once a week. I am so happy and proud of him, but miss him so. He is talking about going to school down there, but it would require them to be down there for another year....

March 24th, one of my best friends, Nichole gave birth to her beautiful twin girls! Allison and Jillian. By now (October) they are getting huge! And still just as beautiful. Made all those drives to Portland with her so worth it! I was so happy that I was able to do that for her.

I stimulated the economy a bit, I bought a new vehicle. I traded in my 2001 Honda Accord and bought a 2009 Jeep Patriot. The place I bought my Honda from (Pre-Owned Automobile Superstore, in Stratham, NH) - which is now out of business - offered me free oil changes as long as I owned the car, when I bought it back in 2003. Well I had never had a problem with them until.... I brought it in for service, and apparently, they put the wrong oil filter on my car!!! Oil had leaked out and I was running my engine without oil! I don't know for how long, but it was awhile. Finally I brought it in to my usual mechanic and he said that he couldn't tell without tearing things apart if my engine had gone bad. But that if I had the money, now was the time to by something new. The car had just cracked 100,000 miles! My original plan was to keep the car for another year and I had saved up some money to do the 100,000 mile service.

So I went car shopping instead. After looking at Honda's and Toyota's - BTW, I had a BAD experience with Hulbert Toyota in Epping... and after talking to my dad, I decided to go take a look at the Jeep line at Gil's in Stratham. There I fell in love with the Patriot. I test drove the Patriot first, and then the Liberty, the dealer offered me to look at the Compass, but I wanted nothing to do with it. Apparently its the girlier version of the Patriot... The Liberty was nice, but very boxy and basic, I didn't care for it. I got a fully tricked out Patriot. Black exterior with a tan/black interior, Premium sound package, I got to keep my moon roof!!! And Sirius was build into the dash, I didn't have to keep my Sportster unit. I love my SUV. It has all wheel drive, which will be helpful in those Kingston winter storms when my landlord is sleeping on the plowing. I miss the great gas mileage my Honda got, but I love my Jeep!

This summer flew by, June was pretty much a washout. It rained practically every day. It was terrible. My birthday came and went. I didn't really do any sort of celebration, in fact I worked the night of my birthday. July was better weather wise, I wasn't able to go down to Rhode Island with Ben to see his best friend Mike and his wife Crystal, which was unfortunate. But I was able to see some of my extended family on their yearly trip to NH and to Bow Lake! Last year I didn't use Bow Lake as much, so I vowed this year that I would. Well since June was a washout, I made up for it in July and August. I must have been to the lakehouse about a handful of times. It was wonderful. Ben and I both got our NH Boating License so I was able to take the boat out on the lake. So wonderful!

This summer, I met a wonderful friend named Kathleen, she owes Patch Wood Farms, in Sandown, NH - about a 15 minute drive from my house. Well she was looking for someone who was willing to do farm work in exchange for ride time with her horses. I thought it would be fun, I really didn't expect a friendship out of it, but I guess everything happens for a reason. She is a great friend and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet her and be part of her world!

August, Ben and I took our yearly vacation to Surry, Maine, right outside Bar Harbor. His family has a small camp there that every year he goes to. This is obviously my second year going. This year, I went for the full week. It was so nice. The first few days we were on our own, and then mid-week, his mother joined us. It was such a lovely time, and the weather was perfect. The only day it rained was the day we were driving up. Ben really can vacation like the best of them. He is slowly teaching me that I am given vacation time for a reason, and when I am on vacation, I need to take a vacation... its a valuable lesson, just takes me some time for it to sink in.

September came, we had a nice stretch of weather, almost like a late or Indian summer feel. But towards the end, it was more fall like. In Hampton, we had the 20th annual Seafood Festival, which it rained one day and was beautiful the next. I can't believe its been 20 years for the fest. Seems like forever! September is also about the time that HCA (my second job) wanted me more. They had acquired a new office (Portsmouth Internal Medicine) and one of their staff was out extended and needs some help keeping up with the work. So I am splitting my free time between Clipper and PIM. Its crazy and hectic.

September was also the month of my beautiful friend, Christin getting married. She had a perfect day for a wedding, I was so happy for her. It was also the day of the NH NASCAR race, which sadly I had to miss because I didn't want to miss this important event for my friend. But it was also a perfect day for a race too!

One of my best friends, Tricia announced also, that she is pregnant and due the first part of January! As of right now, she is having a girl and Kaylee is the current name they have picked out. I am so happy for Tricia and Jayson!

One of our dispatchers went to the floor, and became a firefighter! I am so impressed with Kate, she really has the guts and determination. She really is an inspiration. And right now, we are in the midst of hiring a new dispatcher. So I am working extra at the fire station and extra at HCA (doctor's offices). There's been no time for me! I am hoping that this changes soon...I do it to myself though, I really have a hard time saying no.

A few of my girlfriends got together awhile back and we did a weight loss challenge, each week we would weigh in and at the end of the month, the person with the highest percentage of weight loss won. Every other player would pay the winner $10. We would get together once a month and go to dinner, well when Tricia announced that she was pregnant we suspended the contest, but we still have the occasional girls night out. Its nice that I have some wonderful friends that I can vent to and enjoy life with.

And now it's October, I love fair season. Unfortunately due to work, I will probably miss both the Deerfield and the Fryeburg fairs this year. Just the way my schedule fell this year, my shifts fall on the fair dates. Oh well, can't go every year. But I still love fall and can enjoy the season. I love watching the leaves change - the colors are so brilliant. I really still want to take a day and drive up north, maybe I'll have to convince Ben to take me out ;-)

Kelli and I are in talks to join WW again. She had really great success on the plan the last time we did it. And I think if I put my heart into it (more so than last time) that I too will find it successful. I've really got to put a stop to working so much and making a little more time for me.

Work is difficult, we have been working without a contract for 4 years. Which means that I am still working for the same money as when I got hired. It's hard when the town doesn't support you and give you a raise for years, and now the economy has bottomed out, and you don't want to be viewed as greedy and looking for a handout, when other people have been laid off for months on end. Several of my friends have been laid off, and its scary to think that the worst is yet to come. I don't like thinking like this, but its hard not to when its all over the news and in your life. My second job which before was just extra income has become more and more of a necessity.

Things are crazy, I've resorted to using Google's calendar feature to keep track of things, its crazy how life gets, but I need to do it. Its wonderful, and really keeps things in order. I love my life, I really feel like I am living my life to the fullest.

Phew... ok that's a lot! But I have to remember its been 7 months since I last updated, and I am sure I missed many things! I hope to post here a bit more frequently!


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