Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Thoughts while Walking

First off, I am feeling much better about 90% better. Still a lingering tickle at the back of my throat, but MUCH better, thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.

Last night while catching up on facebook, I saw that my cousin, Amy had posted that she was setting her alarm 30 minutes earlier to get a walk in. I "liked" her status and then thought to myself, you know I should do that as well. So I set my alarm for 5am.

This morning there was a fire in the town next to the town I work for, so there was a lot of chatter on the radio/scanner regarding the fire. (Fire call came in a 4am!) I silenced the scanner so I could get just a few more precious moments of sleep. And when the 5am alarm came, I got right up! Got dressed and went for a walk!

It was still dark out! I could see the stars and the moon! The moon was setting, so close to the horizon, and so beautiful. By the time I got back to my house 30 minutes later, the dawn was just starting to creep up and the sky lightened with hues of blue, orange and red. So pretty.

I realized that I live in the sticks, not sticks in the sense of what Kerri lives in, but sticks for New Hampshire... And how peaceful and quiet it was. Only the occasional vehicle. I was more concerned about encountering a wild animal, especially a skunk, more than about a kidnapping or mugging.

One random observation are high beams. My gosh those are annoying! And out of the 10 vehicles I encountered during my morning walk, 8 had their high beams on to begin with and only 1 vehicle turned them off when they noticed me! I made a mental note to myself to be more considerate of all people using the road, and if I were to encounter a walker/bicyclist and had my high beams on, I'd like to think that I would turn them off.

The morning was very brisk, still a bit chilly out, but the walk was refreshing! It got me thinking about Friday and April Fool's Day, and the fact that all the weather people are calling for snow!

The walk really waked me up! I didn't need coffee this morning at all. I thought that for sure I would have needed something, especially waking up earlier.

I am going to try and make a morning walk a daily habit.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pity Party

I hate being sick.... that is all.

I was hoping to go on a beach ride tomorrow, but with the weather (read: SNOW), my riding session got canceled. I really would like to go horseback riding on the beach just once more before the summer season comes and we can't.

I took today off from work, I've spent the vast majority of my day in bed. Napping and catching up with my TiVo, I feel guilty being so unproductive, yet, I know I really need to rest in order to feel better.

Thankfully, H2B worked from home today, he's such a dear to put up with me. And my parents stopped by with some dinner!

I am hoping to feel better tomorrow, thankfully, this is only the second or third time this year I've been sick, so I can't complain too much.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


All the preparation in the world, could not save me from this.... getting sick this morning.

I even told H2B that I would be going to the gym after work tonight and not to wait to have dinner with me.

Last night after I got home from a day of running around, I noticed that there was a slight discomfort when I swallowed, I passed it off as nothing. Then I remembered that I had been sneezing all day... something I rarely do. Then after talking with H2B I noticed the congestion in my nose, and said, I hope I am not getting sick! Proceeded to post this on facebook....

And then said to H2B that I was taking NyQuil and going to bed...

I woke up this morning feeling not so freshy. Took my shower and a dose of DayQuil and headed out the door to go to work. I also took a second dose of DayQuil to take at 1pm, but ended up taking it early, as I feel like I just want to cut my head off. So much congestion and stuffiness. Doesn't make Cassie a happy person.

I guess I tend to get sick when Spring first arrives, I don't know if it's the time change, or the season change, or what, but I always hate it. I feel like this is not the season to be sick!

I did manage to bring my gym bag with me, so I may tough it out and still go to the gym, it's going to depend on how I feel tonight. And I won't feel guilty about skipping the gym, if I decide to. I am just going to play this by ear.

Being inside at my office isn't really helping either, this space is so toxic, we really should do something about it.

Well I am off to have some soup for lunch! I hope you all are healthy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's going on...

I have to admit, I am a little bummed out about not going to FitBloggin' but hopefully there will be another time/year in which I can go.

What I am excited about is getting married and buying a house! Getting married in 207 days even! This past weekend H2B and I went to register for gifts. And what I've realized is that a pricing gun is VERY dangerous! Another thing I realized is that H2B and I are very practical, we registered for things we certainly need, but since we don't know what our future house is going to look like, we didn't register for certain things. However we did put some stuff on there that would certainly be nice. Hello Keurig and KitchenAid Stand Mixer...

After we finished registering, we drove around and did some "window shopping" looking at some houses to get a feel for what was out there in the market. We have several friends that either have just purchased or are in the market to purchase a home and we are seeing how long it takes them. It gets us thinking that we may just want to start poking around on the off chance it takes us awhile to find our first home.

All in all it was a fun weekend. Although I didn't get to the gym.... :-(

My best friend had expressed an interest in doing a couch to 5K program with me, right now we are looking at a mid to late May race, which means we would need to start the program relatively soon. Now with daylight savings passed, sunset is a lot later, allowing me to get out and go for a walk after work, which I did last night.

And what I realized, is that I am WAY out of shape, and probably could not run a 5K right now if I wanted to! So basically I feel like I will be starting all over again with the C25K program. Which I am ok with. What I am not ok with is the ankle pain I have right now. Also something funny to note is that while out registering this weekend, my left knee locked up on me several times. To the point that I had to catch myself from falling over. Something I will have to keep an eye on.

In other wedding news, I am excited to be flying down to Georgia to see my cousin, she's my maid of honor. We have a few days together to go find her a dress and basically catch up on things, since I haven't seen her in person in 2 years... miss that girl!

Basically April is a very busy month, with going to Georgia and attending 2 different classes for work, I don't expect to be home much! H2B is going to get TOO comfortable having that bed all to himself!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

I will be going to the gym tomorrow... (there, if I type it and post it, it will happen, right?) Someone please check on me...

While having dinner with my bestie last night, we said that we both need to be more active, she even mentioned the Couch to 5K program, and asked me what it was about. She's considering it! (oh to have a running buddy at my level!) So perhaps this is the swift kick in the ass I need!

I am excited for Daylight Savings, I cannot wait for it to be lighter later in the evening, gives me a chance to get out and be active more. That in conjunction with the warmer weather and melting snow!

In other news, today, I sold my horse. I probably haven't talked much about it, especially since I didn't want to jinx it, but I sold my horse today. It's bittersweet, he is really an awesome creature and if my circumstances were different, I would be keeping him. However, with the wedding and possibly buying a house all this year, it's just not feasible, I wouldn't be able to train/work with him. I was able to find him a good home and someone who is just as eager and excited to own and work with him.

Now that he has been sold, a lot of my money problems have been relieved, I am still waiting on a few things to clear up to get my taxes done, but I can live with a bit more wiggle room. Which is nice, since now I have a honeymoon to save up for!

So it looks like I still won't be attending FitBloggin' this year, which I am bummed about, missing out on meeting some of my online friends in real life.

I will go to the gym tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March!

Well it's a new month and during this month we will change seasons! From Snow to MUD season (better known as Spring!) And I am excited about it getting warmer and staying light out longer.

I've been reading many blog posts over the last 2-3 weeks about people struggling with their weight and their healthy living journeys. I would even venture to say it has something to do with the weather/season. The days are so short, it's tough to get motivated. I just don't want to exercise inside, I enjoy being outside as well. I think I've been giving myself a pass, because I don't like exercising inside. However, that is no excuse, I still need to remain focused on my own journey.

I was talking with a coworker the other day and he said that he tries to get to the gym 3-4 times a week, and I said, I really need to start making more time for myself.

And lately that hasn't been the case, I've had my days off from work, but I've been enrolled in a dispatch academy, thankfully I am at the halfway point, so only 3 more classes to go.

The other large stressor in my life, has been my wonderful horse. He's so cute and a wonderful baby, I've been trying like crazy to find him a good home. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I may have done just that. Although it's not for the price I was hoping for, I will at least have found him an excellent home, one where he can learn and flourish. This whole experience has been interesting. I have learned a lot, and I am taking it as a life lesson.

So with that situation resolving, I can hopefully focus on myself and my upcoming wedding and changes in my own life. Wholly Cow, I am getting married in a little over 7 months! Thankfully, a lot of stuff has been accomplished, Ben has been super helpful, even taking over a large part of the planning, so that I can focus on the smaller details. I am hoping to plan a trip to Georgia to see my MOH, my cousin (who's like my sister) and help her pick out her dress!

I am going to attempt to continue the "Strong for 23 in 2011" challenge and carry it over into March. What that means, is working out (doing some form of activity) for at least 23 days out of the month. I think it's reasonable, could be anything.

I've been thinking about whether or not I want to start running again, I wanted to do it, to say that I did it, but I don't think my heart ever got into it. However, did I give it enough time? Who knows, I still have a 10K to complete on my list of 101 things in a 1001 days, so I will at least have to do that. I'm still mulling over that choice.

On a completely random note, I "won" the chance to purchase Red Sox vrs. Yankee tickets, (BTW, what is with me winning RANDOM things... hello? Why can't this translate over to Powerball or something!) anyway, I purchased 4 tickets, Ben and I and a coworker and his girlfriend will all be heading down for the game. Another thing to cross off my 101 things in a 1001 days list...

Speaking of which I should look at that list, I'll be doing a recap at the end of this month, and I want to make sure I am on track!


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