Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy March!

Well it's a new month and during this month we will change seasons! From Snow to MUD season (better known as Spring!) And I am excited about it getting warmer and staying light out longer.

I've been reading many blog posts over the last 2-3 weeks about people struggling with their weight and their healthy living journeys. I would even venture to say it has something to do with the weather/season. The days are so short, it's tough to get motivated. I just don't want to exercise inside, I enjoy being outside as well. I think I've been giving myself a pass, because I don't like exercising inside. However, that is no excuse, I still need to remain focused on my own journey.

I was talking with a coworker the other day and he said that he tries to get to the gym 3-4 times a week, and I said, I really need to start making more time for myself.

And lately that hasn't been the case, I've had my days off from work, but I've been enrolled in a dispatch academy, thankfully I am at the halfway point, so only 3 more classes to go.

The other large stressor in my life, has been my wonderful horse. He's so cute and a wonderful baby, I've been trying like crazy to find him a good home. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I may have done just that. Although it's not for the price I was hoping for, I will at least have found him an excellent home, one where he can learn and flourish. This whole experience has been interesting. I have learned a lot, and I am taking it as a life lesson.

So with that situation resolving, I can hopefully focus on myself and my upcoming wedding and changes in my own life. Wholly Cow, I am getting married in a little over 7 months! Thankfully, a lot of stuff has been accomplished, Ben has been super helpful, even taking over a large part of the planning, so that I can focus on the smaller details. I am hoping to plan a trip to Georgia to see my MOH, my cousin (who's like my sister) and help her pick out her dress!

I am going to attempt to continue the "Strong for 23 in 2011" challenge and carry it over into March. What that means, is working out (doing some form of activity) for at least 23 days out of the month. I think it's reasonable, could be anything.

I've been thinking about whether or not I want to start running again, I wanted to do it, to say that I did it, but I don't think my heart ever got into it. However, did I give it enough time? Who knows, I still have a 10K to complete on my list of 101 things in a 1001 days, so I will at least have to do that. I'm still mulling over that choice.

On a completely random note, I "won" the chance to purchase Red Sox vrs. Yankee tickets, (BTW, what is with me winning RANDOM things... hello? Why can't this translate over to Powerball or something!) anyway, I purchased 4 tickets, Ben and I and a coworker and his girlfriend will all be heading down for the game. Another thing to cross off my 101 things in a 1001 days list...

Speaking of which I should look at that list, I'll be doing a recap at the end of this month, and I want to make sure I am on track!

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Kerri O said...

I hope you've found a good home for your horse, I know it must be tough. I've been in a bit of a winter funk too, but not giving myself that excuse this week. I'm determined to be up and working out 5 or 6 days this week.


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