Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Typically not a holiday I celebrate. Since I feel we should celebrate our love for one another EVERY day.

However, I thought it worth mentioning here. What do you love about yourself? We are so quick to criticize ourselves (and each other - total disclosure). Or even say something like, I love this about myself, however....

So I give you permission to love yourself today, without judgement. Heck, in fact, love yourself everyday!

I love my hair. I am growing it out for the wedding and it's so long and healthy right now. Makes me happy knowing that I didn't kill it all off with all the years of bad box dye jobs (hello high school/college)

I love my legs, I used to hate my thighs, but now, I embrace them. They are getting more toned, I even did a 5k with them! I love the shape my legs are developing.

And I love my changing body, knowing that it's not complete, but able to recognize progress.

So now, what do YOU love about yourself?

I've joined!

So upon the recommendation of a few people, I've joined the SparkPeople community. Please search for my and add me as a friend (User name: itsmecassieb)

I am hoping to track my food and activity with this program, the iPhone app as well as the website seem very user friendly, I am still trying to learn to navigate around both and get my bearings.

I'm excited about this direction.

I've also signed on for a 9 week cardio program on my EA Active 2 game for the Wii, I love the structured workouts, it's almost like circuit training with the combination of cardio and resistance band exercises. I am on a schedule of 4 workout days with 3 rest days.

I've got less than 8 months to go till my big day, I vow I will be a buff bride. Maybe not the buffest bride, but buffer than I currently am right now.

I am trying to continue Al's Strong for 23 in 2011 campaign through the rest of the year. I am finding February to be hard; mainly because it's a short month i.e., not many rest days, but also that I thought of continuing on with the campaign several days into February. So I may not make it this month, but I am going to try. Every little bit helps.

This night has been long and hard. Work was busy. I'm so thankful that I was able to take a nap yesterday. Even though I think H2B wanted to do something, I just was tired. Glad I napped. However for some reason I have a craving for Popovers from the Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park. Their popovers are amazing, so good! And it brings to mind memories of summer and Bar Harbor and vacation.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Change in programming...

Today, I canceled my Weight Watchers membership. I haven't been using the Points Plus system, and for me, it just doesn't make sense to keep paying for a program I am not using.

However, I still need to track my food, it's the only way I keep honest. I am going to start researching free programs/iPhone apps that can help me track my food and activity. So if any of you have suggestions, please feel free to send them along.

Tonight, I re-kindled my relationship with my EA Active 2 for the Wii program. Love it. I started the 9 week program. I am hoping to keep up with this program and not miss any workouts.

I am actively seeking sponsorship for FitBloggin' 11, I am making connections and speaking with companies. I am hopeful that it will result in sponsorship, but even if it doesn't I am still thankful for the opportunities to speak with individuals/businesses.

I am feeling fresh and renewed. I am hoping this direction continues.

I may even be feeling the itch to start running again (couch to 5k style). Now I just need winter and all the snow banks to go away. 

Wedding Considerations

Of course with a member of my family having a change in their medical history and what they can/can't eat, now it presents a unique situation with the wedding and reception food choices.

In speaking with the caterer, it is of course no problem to have a separate meal for them. However, he brought up a good point about not knowing who is going to have sensitivities. At first on the reply card, it was just going to be accept/deny... but I am thinking now we will be including a notation about special meal needs/requests. I know a couple of my friends are vegetarians, but I am sure that I don't know all of them.

These are just a couple of things that I am not even aware of, that I should at least be considering through this whole wedding process.

I am never going to be an event/party planner!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family History

There have been some recent changes in my family. A member of my family may have developed Celiac Disease. It started out with them having a problem absorbing iron in food, they had become anemic. The doctor seems to think that Celiac Disease is the cause of their problems.

It is very interesting to see the struggles with what they can and can't eat. And brings to light the necessity to read labels and know what you are putting into your body.  

Today we had lunch, they ordered the salad bar and a baked potato. I had a burger and salad bar, we said no to the bread basket... yes, you read that right, me, the carb/bread loving queen, said no to a bread basket. Changes can be made, ever so small... 

As a side note, if any of my blog readers have any good CD websites/blogs/references, I'd appreciate if you could pass it along to me.

I've got a nasty family history, filled with heart problems, cancer and diabetes. I am fighting an uphill battle with my weight, I need reminders like this, to remind me of what I am fighting for, not only do I want to look and feel better about myself, but ensure a long healthy life, free of complications. At least to whatever extent that I can control (weight related).

Wedding Update

Well the last big question mark might be taken care of.... the catering. You may or may not know, but H2B has been taking care of most of the details. The catering was the last major thing that we hadn't finalized details on.

There have been many companies we've contacted about catering/bartending and no one was responding to us. I really thought that with the economy being the way that it was, that companies would be looking for work, but I guess that's not the case.

It's been incredibly frustrating, trying to find a company that was willing to work with us, man we couldn't even get anyone to respond to our inquiries.

Thankfully, we met with Gary, from a local catering company, and he's amazing. Lots of experience and very willing to work with us. He gave us so many suggestions on how to cut costs. It was really a great meeting and hopefully we look forward to working with them for our wedding. He made it all seem so easy. Ah, if only everything was so seamless.

I also bought a pen so I can practice my calligraphy skills, I am going to try and do my own invitations. It's been a few years since I did calligraphy on any regular basis, but hey, hopefully the skills come back to me!

I've got an appointment in a few weeks to go over flowers. I am not a big flower person, so this ought to be interesting. Thankfully, my stepmother will be coming with me. And then it's time for the boys to get dressed up in suits to see if my vision will work! (Fingers crossed)

Oh and by the way, we are 8 months away from the wedding date, as of today!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have to keep telling myself, that my weight didn't appear overnight. It took me many years to get to wear I am. And it's not going to come off all overnight.

But I am happy to report that I am making progress, I weighed in this morning at 300.0 on the nose. I can't believe that I let myself get above 300, but I did and I am making progress to get back to work.

The scale is moving in the right direction, I have to remain focus on that. And not let the little things bother me. I am stronger and able to do more than I was a year ago. I am thankful for that. I am thankful that I am aware of my situation and able to make changes. I want to live a long and healthy life.

I am making more time for me and accomplishing things and making myself a priority.

By gosh, I have a wedding dress to fit in to ;-)


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