Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Update

Well the last big question mark might be taken care of.... the catering. You may or may not know, but H2B has been taking care of most of the details. The catering was the last major thing that we hadn't finalized details on.

There have been many companies we've contacted about catering/bartending and no one was responding to us. I really thought that with the economy being the way that it was, that companies would be looking for work, but I guess that's not the case.

It's been incredibly frustrating, trying to find a company that was willing to work with us, man we couldn't even get anyone to respond to our inquiries.

Thankfully, we met with Gary, from a local catering company, and he's amazing. Lots of experience and very willing to work with us. He gave us so many suggestions on how to cut costs. It was really a great meeting and hopefully we look forward to working with them for our wedding. He made it all seem so easy. Ah, if only everything was so seamless.

I also bought a pen so I can practice my calligraphy skills, I am going to try and do my own invitations. It's been a few years since I did calligraphy on any regular basis, but hey, hopefully the skills come back to me!

I've got an appointment in a few weeks to go over flowers. I am not a big flower person, so this ought to be interesting. Thankfully, my stepmother will be coming with me. And then it's time for the boys to get dressed up in suits to see if my vision will work! (Fingers crossed)

Oh and by the way, we are 8 months away from the wedding date, as of today!

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