Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Family History

There have been some recent changes in my family. A member of my family may have developed Celiac Disease. It started out with them having a problem absorbing iron in food, they had become anemic. The doctor seems to think that Celiac Disease is the cause of their problems.

It is very interesting to see the struggles with what they can and can't eat. And brings to light the necessity to read labels and know what you are putting into your body.  

Today we had lunch, they ordered the salad bar and a baked potato. I had a burger and salad bar, we said no to the bread basket... yes, you read that right, me, the carb/bread loving queen, said no to a bread basket. Changes can be made, ever so small... 

As a side note, if any of my blog readers have any good CD websites/blogs/references, I'd appreciate if you could pass it along to me.

I've got a nasty family history, filled with heart problems, cancer and diabetes. I am fighting an uphill battle with my weight, I need reminders like this, to remind me of what I am fighting for, not only do I want to look and feel better about myself, but ensure a long healthy life, free of complications. At least to whatever extent that I can control (weight related).

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