Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Typically not a holiday I celebrate. Since I feel we should celebrate our love for one another EVERY day.

However, I thought it worth mentioning here. What do you love about yourself? We are so quick to criticize ourselves (and each other - total disclosure). Or even say something like, I love this about myself, however....

So I give you permission to love yourself today, without judgement. Heck, in fact, love yourself everyday!

I love my hair. I am growing it out for the wedding and it's so long and healthy right now. Makes me happy knowing that I didn't kill it all off with all the years of bad box dye jobs (hello high school/college)

I love my legs, I used to hate my thighs, but now, I embrace them. They are getting more toned, I even did a 5k with them! I love the shape my legs are developing.

And I love my changing body, knowing that it's not complete, but able to recognize progress.

So now, what do YOU love about yourself?

1 comment:

Kerri O said...

What a great idea! I love my eyes. Growing up I disliked them because they were boring brown. Now, I think they're my best feature.


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