Friday, October 1, 2010

October Goals

Lots going on around here at Life by Cassie! But then again, it's my life, so it's always crazy and hectic. One of the many reasons why I started blogging, to help keep track of my thoughts and feelings through life.

After failing at some of the September Goals, I've brought a few back. I was really good the last few weeks of September with getting my Gruve green at least 4 times a week so that will be back. The purpose of this goal is to make me more aware of the tools that I already have but aren't using to their fullest potential. I spend so much money on stuff, but unless I put the effort into actually doing the work, my situation isn't going to change.

October Goals:
  • Get my Gruve green at least 4 times a week
  • Secure a wedding venue and date
  • Track food for at least one week straight
  • Achieve my 10% (finally)
  • Study for my HAM operator's license

I am trying to refocus and recommit to healthy living. One thing that H2B has taught me, is that you need make time for yourself. That you have you put you first.

I want this, I can do this.

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