Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten Percent

I'm taking a moment to think (write) out loud. Over the past 5 weeks I went from my all time low, since starting Weight Watchers (287.2 on 03/09/10) and I've gained since then to my current weight (291 on 04/15/10). I've been on a backwards slide over 5 weeks.

I have my 10% goal looming. Its 31 pounds. Which translates to 282.8, that is 8.2 pounds more to go. Ideally, I had hoped to achieve this before having my 6 month blood work check in May. I think this is still attainable.

Achieving this goal, would also benefit my mini competition with DBF. Not sure if I blogged about it. DBF and I entered into a small competition beginning 2 weeks ago and running till my birthday (late June). The prize is a one night stay at a place of the winner's choosing anywhere in New England. Loser has to pay. Really benefits both of us, since we will get to spend time together. Highest percentage lost will determine winner. Although I do believe that DBF bended the rules, since he did his start weight at NIGHT rather than in the morning, like we discussed.... just sayin'

I want that damn key chain, so I can put my charms on it! Word has it, that we will get a 5k charm for participating in the WW Walk-It Challenge on June 6th. It really gets me down when I earn these charms, but have no key chain to put it on!

In other news, my BondiBands came in today! I cannot wait to try these out during my 5k training runs and in Zumba! I love having bangs, but they really get in the way when one is trying to work out! Be sure to be on the lookout for a product review here in the near future (probably next week so I can Zumba with them as well).

I haven’t even started c25k week 2 yet, life has been so busy. Not that it is an excuse! But it happens, I’ve got to find the time and be more dedicated to the program. I am enjoying that it is staying lighter out later though. That has been such a delight. On the other hand I have woken up before my alarm every day this week so far, due to it being light out and the birds chirping away (including my 5:40 am alarm for work!).

So my focus will be the 8.2 pounds in the next 5 weeks (I am going to weigh in either tonight or tomorrow before work) that is a very attainable goal and will put me in the middle of May, just in time to have my blood work done.

What is your mini goal that you are working on currently?


*Whitney* said...

My April goal was to get to 165, but I suffered a gain from Easter which really set me back. I have just under 4 pounds to lose between now and next Friday to earn that. Not too optimistic, but you never know!

Treasure said...

You can do it Cassie.....a little at a time. I know how hard it is, I have been there, I am there now, I have made it to within 15 lbs of my goal (again) and it is a S_L_O_W process--DO NOT GIVE CAN do this. 8.2 in 5 weeks is definately do able...just remember, little chunks at a time!! :-)

katdoesdiets said...

You can totally rock that goal! 8.2 pounds in 5 weeks is completely attainable. My mini goal is just to stick to the workout program I have written out.
Can't wait to read your review about Bondi Bands....ok, here's hoping my comments will go through now!


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