Friday, April 9, 2010

Fitness Plan / Work Update

So I figured it all out. Those of you who know me, know my schedule rotates. I work 4 "days" and have 4 days off. One of the other dispatchers had to call out, she threw her back out. So I started my work week last Saturday night at 5:30 pm. I will end it tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 7:30am. In that seven day time period I will have worked 96 hours...WTF... I must be crazy. Today (Friday) I am working a 24 hour shift, on my day off. The day dispatcher is still out with her back issues and the night dispatcher took the night off. The other dispatcher is in Connecticut. So that leaves, yours truly.

No matter what, I am getting my weekend.... at least most of it. Lots of plans and birthday parties for Saturday and Sunday.

Well since my original fitness plan was to get a horseback ride in today, and I am at work, so that didn't happen. Bonus, it is raining in New Hampshire today, so I probably wouldn't have been able to go anyways. However, Saturday was supposed to be my rest day. Since today was my rest day, I guess that means I'll have to get some fitness in tomorrow. Not sure what I'll do. Either my c25k w1d3 session or something else. I guess its going to depend on time.

It just sucks, this is the second week I've had to cancel horseback riding due to something coming up last minute.

On top of that I haven't been tracking my foods and watching what I eat. I eat out of boredom and in my job you eat and use the bathroom whenever you can, because you don't know the next time you are going to get the chance to. Case in point, Thursday morning at O'dark thirty (ok so 4:30am) we had a fire down the beach. Which ended up "catching on fire again..." about a half hour after we left. (usage of quotes is due to the fact that the fire is still under investigation)

If you'd like to read about my fire you can go here: Two fires hours apart destroy beach house And by the way... who dresses like a gorilla on a fire scene? Like for realz? Only on Hampton Beach, I swear!

96 hours....

**I'd just like to say welcome to my new followers! I hope you like what you see and stay for awhile!**

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