Monday, April 12, 2010

Food Inc. Review

After reading a posting from Marisa at Loser For Life, about this documentary; I remembered that it was a movie I had wanted to see, but just never got around to putting it on my Netflix queue. Well, not only did I add it to my queue, but it was also available to watch on my computer, so I didn't want to wait. While it was fresh in my mind, I watched Food, Inc.

Also Jenn from Watch My Butt Shrink! has a great review as well.

I'm a sucker for documentaries, especially those about animals. If you've been a blog reader of mine for a while, you may recall my review of The Cove; which by the way, I am still trying to get my marine biology friend to watch.

I am a meat eater. I love meat. The thought of going veggie, just doesn't seem possible and as my DEAR boyfriend put it, I would starve to death, since there aren't many veggies out there that I like. Although that would make for a killer diet, right? In all honesty since beginning my weight loss journey and living with said dear boyfriend, we've been cooking together more and I've expanded my taste to include several new vegetables.

To say I was horrified while watching this movie, was an understatement. I knew that animals were mass produced and in feed lots, but wow, it's to a degree that I never thought was possible. To feed animals something that they aren't "designed" to consume (feeding corn instead of grass) just doesn't seem to make sense, yes it is cheaper, but not as effective. And instead of taking preventative measures against E.Coli and letting the cows shed it naturally; they treat filler meat with a chemical wash, are you serious! Don't over think things here! The cows stand in these feed lots up to their knees in manure, their coats are covered in manure, and you cannot tell me that some of that doesn't transfer to the meat.

The chickens got to me as well. There was a graphic of the size of the average chicken in like the 1950's and today, the bird today has been genetically altered to have larger breasts (since they are the desirable portion of the bird). Literally the bird of today was at least twice the size of the bird of the 1950's. The chicks grow so fast, that their organs and legs cannot keep up with the rate of growth. The birds may walk a few steps before sitting down, since their legs give out from the weight they are carrying. Also, corn is being fed to chickens as well.

It seems as though it’s a top down approach, the larger corporations make up the large majority of farm life. From growing seeds that create the corn that feeds the animals (chicken, beef, pork, even fish!) all the way through the slaughterhouse to the market. From Seed to Supermarket... it’s like a government approved monopoly.

That's because the powers that be in the government were appointed, their previous jobs were advocating for such rules to benefit the larger corporations... So its one big circle of friends, the corporations are in bed with the government. We expect the government to step up and protect us, but it's hard to believe that they are doing their job, when every time you turn on the nightly news; there are new cases or recalls of E. Coli in foods everywhere. We need protection and it's not there, we assume if a product is available for sale, that it's safe. That is NOT the case. We need to protect ourselves one way we can do that is be a better informed consumer.

The movie talked about farmers that grow soy beans, and how they cannot even keep their seeds to plant next year, because it would be considered a copyright infringement. The companies have copyrighted/trademarked the SEEDS.... Companies have brought legal action to small farmers, who cannot afford the legal bills, and have to cave in to the demands of larger companies. Now mind you the way farmers have been farmer for years, is to keep the seeds of the best of the year's crops to start the crops for next year. It's been done that way for generations...

For me, I like it when my meat comes in nice little packaging and doesn't have a face. Which I think is why I can't eat many fish unless I get it already cut into filets, it just doesn't work for me. Some mental hang up I have I guess.

After watching this movie, it has motivated me to make a change. Although I can't give up meat entirely, I will try to be more open to trying veggie meals. I will also attempt to buy/try organic and free range meat. I have in the past shopped at farmer's markets (I was motivated to that, so that I could support local business) but now I have a new motivation, to support local farmers and to ensure that my meat comes from a place that I can trust.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box. I promise I am not anti-government, but I am anti-monopoly and corruption. Side note: I still do enjoy a good GAME of monopoly, so long as it's the game, and I'm winning ;-)

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Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I watched this movie a few weeks ago too and was horrified. I'm a full on meat eater too... And to think of all of the products we consume or use daily with corn product? Sheesh.


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