Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

So I am into the part of my work schedule where I am working during my usual weigh-in day/time. So typically I have to weigh in at either another location or another time. Le sigh, it just really screws with my schedule, but I should get used to this, my schedule isn't changing anytime soon.

Starting Weight: 313.8
Last Week's Weight: 291
This Week's Weight: 291.6
Loss/Gain: +0.6
Total Loss since starting: -22.2

After writing my last post about my hitting my 10% goal, I thought I would be better motivated. Better just make it 8.8 pounds to lose in the next 5 weeks. I think it was my body's way of saying we can meet/beat that challenge! (right?)

Also, in the post, I had said my doctor wanted follow up lab work done next month. Well she mailed me the lab slip, and it said to have it drawn ASAP.. so I guess I won't get to wait till May. But I am still down 20+ pounds, that should account for something.

Inspired partly by Kat's post about Weights are for Girls, I went to the gym today and busted out some reps on the weight machines. Tried to do a combination of arms, chest, legs. Weight training is an important part of exercise, besides, I have some good muscles from carrying around all this fat for years, now that I am lighter, I need to work those muscles more to make up the difference.

Afterwards, I went home and started a couch to 5k, week 2 day 1 session for a bit of cardio. I have to admit there were 2 run sessions, were I could only make it running for about 30-45 seconds (instead of the full minute).

Oh and did I mention that I woke up yesterday and today with a sore throat and a froggy voice? I am so zexy...

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triciathyng said...

Great job on your total weight-loss! Running for 30-45 seconds is better than 0 seconds!! <<>> I hope you are feeling better soooon!


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