Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back Pain Update

I mentioned in my last post about going to the doctor's this morning, although my back is better it's not 100%. I do feel like this is partly the reason as to why I haven't been able to do any weight lifting (or floor work), it still just hurts too much.

The past 2 weeks I've been walking on a trail system near my apartment with my friends and their awesome dogs from Patch Wood Farms, it's been great getting outside and enjoying the fall, the trails are wonderful and for the most part easy to walk on. On Tuesday we went for a walk, like we've done many times. However, I stumbled, I tripped over a rock. I caught myself and didn't fall down. But the jarring pain of tripping and catching myself sent a sharp wave of pain over my back, I may have said a curse word. It was a sharp reminder that I am still not 100%. But, walking did help alleviate the pain. I am thrilled that I can walk, but right now running, floor work and weights are not in the cards. And I just wonder for how long.

I think that I am treating this back pain reasonably. I love my chiropractor, she's amazing. I've been icing my back and on the really bad days, I am taking some Tylenol/pain relief. I know that it takes time for the body to heal, but just like with my weight loss, I am impatient. I've got to keep reminding myself, that if I do too much, I am only hurting myself and further delaying my progress. I need to be patient. Which is sometimes very hard for me to do. I have made progress, I can go days without pain, but it's the one day of pain that brings me right back.

Still not sure how I did this to myself. I have an old work injury (from EMT training and lifting a patient) that I could have aggravated. It's in about the same area. I could have done something while dancing at my friend's wedding, or partying in Atlantic City... I guess we'll never know, but I am hoping that I can recover from this and get back on track.

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Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I hope you recover quickly. Positive thoughts being sent your way. :)


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