Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's a bit of a drab and miserable day here in New Hampshire, it's raining and very windy out there. Thankfully not snow. Although on Saturday night, we did get some snow squalls.

My 10 year high school reunion was on Saturday night and I opted not to go. I had my reasons. And from the looks of facebook, I am sad that I missed out on seeing some people, but it seemed like a lot of drinking and partying. For me, I am just not into that scene anymore. I would have rather had a smaller setting where we could meet and catch up on old times. Oh well, maybe my 20 year will be more enticing.

With the creation of facebook, I am able to stay in contact with more individuals, I talk to people from high school more now, than I ever did in high school. And I can see those who are married, or have children, or who "came out of the closet". I can see photos of their lives, so really it makes the reunion a little pointless, but I can still understand the wanting to meet up with everyone. I am sure it was a fun time. It looked like it for sure! However, for me, the setting just didn't seem right for me. No biggie, I will still continue to talk to my HS peeps!

Monday night, I went dress shopping. It was my first outing. I thought it was going to be a great opportunity to see what was out there and what issues I was going to have with being a plus sized bride. Honestly I was dreading the appointment, I hate dresses, period. I had seen stuff online at DB and wasn't impressed with the styles. I went to a local place here in NH and was pleasantly surprised when she brought me 9 dresses to try on! Now mind you I am currently a size 26 in jeans, she brought me everything from 20 - 28 and you know what? I fit into everything! Any size 26 or 28 was WAY too big. Talk about a NSV! Well I fell in love with a dress! And the price was right, so I bought it! Now, do I plan on loosing weight between now and then, of course, but it's a corset back, which can be tightened and obviously, alterations can help take things in. But you know, it was the size 20 that I fit into perfectly. Maybe a little vanity sizing, but still I was thrilled to say the least.

I was not planning on buying a dress that night, but when I had it on, I was SO comfortable in it. It felt like I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. One of my best friends was there as well as my future mother in law. It was really a great bonding experience. I was thrilled. Oh and I totally welled up a little bit. Not full on crying, but darn close. Picking out the dress, made it that much real-er for OMGee I am getting married!

Although Tuesdays are my normal Weight Watchers day, I was at work yesterday, and unfortunately was unable to attend. However my leader teaches at another location on Thursdays, so I am hoping to make it over there. I am really looking forward to hearing about the new Points Plus program that is being offered. I've gotten the e-mails from Weight Watchers, the e-Tools has converted over, and there are many blog posts out there talking about it. I am excited for the change and I plan to embrace it. Basically I see it as a renewal of sorts, I am renewing my commitment to my weight loss journey, although the plan has changed, my desire to achieve my goals hasn't. And if by some reason the new Points Plus program didn't work for me, I would simply need to find another program that does, but from what I've been reading it's very similar (ie still counting points) but a) the points are calculated differently and b) the values of points are different.

Toy Bank has officially taken over my life, getting phone calls all the time, constantly on the go, running around doing Toy Bank errands, seesh. I remember each year why by the time Christmas rolls around, I am burnt out! However the work is very rewarding when you get to see children smile when they see Santa and you know they are going to have a Christmas morning.

Since it's December 1st, I though I'd briefly update the status of my End of Year Goals... basically a huge failure. Aside from maybe surviving another year of toy bank. I haven't even looked at my HAM operator's book, I am still stagnant on the weight loss front, no where near my 10% goal. ah, le sigh. I won't let it get me down!


Brittney said...

Aww, congrats on finding your dress! That's a great feeling! I looking forward to hearing more about the wedding planning!

*Whitney* said...

Congrats on your dress!! How exciting! The same thing happened to me...I wasn't even supposed to be looking at dresses. It was a night for my BMs to look at dresses. When I got to the store I really wanted to try some on and I found "the" dress! You just know it's the dress for you!! I'm so excited for you!!

Erinsgobragh said...

Yay I love dress shopping! You got me wondering what it looks like now...


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