Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Wish List

During this time of Toy Bank, I get to play one of Santa's elves and help less fortunate families have a Christmas morning. There is nothing more fulfilling in life, than helping my fellow "man". My father started this program 30 years ago, I've basically been helping out since I was born. However, now with my father retired from the fire service, I've now taken over in his place. He still helps me out, it's funny to see how the roles change as time goes on.

Anyway, seeing all the children's request got me thinking about what I'd like for Christmas. And since I've got a rare moment free, I thought I would share with you all.

1) Self-hosted blog. To be free from the .blogspot! However, I have a sneaky suspicion that H2B is working on that one for me!

2) To find a sponsor for FitBloggin' 11. I'd really like to go, but with planning a wedding, funding is tight right now.

3) I'd like to become a better writer and have better content. I started this blog just as my online diary (remember livejournal?) and now it's turned into my little slice of a bigger online community. Where we all communicate and interact with one another. It's simply amazing (Remember #AMerryWorkoutPledge?). Why not get the Guide to Creating a Better Health Blog from Mary of A Merry Life. Click here to view more details about her e-book. She's incredibly talented and spells it out for us to understand.

4) To meet some of my bloggie friends in real life! Another reason to go to FitBloggin' many of you will be there!

5) A heart rate monitor would be fantastic. I've been drooling over a few models on the Polar website, especially the FT60 it's so pretty and functional.

6) Most of all, I'd like to be more patient. I can never seem to be patient enough. I am particularly hardest on myself. I need to learn to be more patient and to cut myself a little slack. Work hard, but you've also only got one life, so don't forget to live it!


*Whitney* said...

I hope, hope, hope you can go to FitBloggin'! Even though I can't afford to go I'm so close I'd love to meet up with you! :-)

Kerri O said...

That is so awesome that you do that this time of year. I hope you get a sponsor for fitbloggin! I'm going to wait to try more until after the first of the year...I haven't even got a company to respond! ha ha, tell me no people, I can take it. I hope you get everything on your list!! ps, you're already a great writer.


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