Thursday, December 23, 2010

What?!?! An update?

I know, I am such a bad blogger... I'm sorry my lovely blog readers, I've been so busy with Toy Bank this year. We've helped about 80 families (just in my town), that's a lot of kids and a lot to coordinate. This is also Hampton's 30th year of doing Toy Bank, crazy to think that my dad started this 30 years ago and now I am the one in charge. Thankfully things are winding down, and with 2 days till Christmas, I can finally finish up my own Christmas shopping and wrapping. And get ready to celebrate with my family.

Oh wait, I am celebrating tomorrow (Christmas Eve) with my family. The reason for that is I am working a 24 hour shift on Christmas Day. So please be thinking about me when you are celebrating with your friends and family. I am excited to get to spend some family time, but my parents are not as enthusiastic about celebrating. I practically had to beg them to put a tree up. I think part of the reason is that we won't be celebrating on Christmas Day (but my dad was in the fire service, and I grew up around planning holidays at different times). I think a larger reason is that my brother is down in North Carolina and won't be coming home this year. He's in school down there, it's an intensive program, and they don't get any time off for the holidays. I can't wait till the day that both he and his wife come back north and closer to us, so that we all can be together and celebrate. Also I think that now we are older, Christmas doesn't hold the same excitement. I am sure things will change in the next couple of years as both my brother and his wife plan on starting a family and so do Ben and I. Grandkids galore! I am sure.

I am thrilled that I will be getting to spend some time with my family over the Christmas holiday. I am looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to using the massage gift card that H2B got me for our 3 year anniversary gift, I think that would be so nice!

H2B has also taken over wedding planning. It's been great! I feel like it's a role reversal, in that I haven't had much in the way of looking for things, he's been taking care of it all. But he's getting things done and deserves a whole lot of credit!

Weight wise, things have been screwy. I am not able to make a weigh in this week, I think last night was the most time I've spent in my place (awake) in about 2 weeks, all 5 hours of it. I've been living in my car, driving there and everywhere else for Toy Bank. My last weigh in I was down to 300.0 (at Weight Watchers) I did manage to step on my home scale at 303 on Sunday, but now today, I stepped on at 299.6, so who knows, it's just gone crazy. As I said on twitter the other day, I don't like making excuses or start dates, but I am really looking forward to the new year and a new start. I didn't lie when I said one of my end of year goals was to survive Toy Bank, it's a crazy hectic time in my life.

In other random news, I may have a buyer for my "baby" he's growing so big and still so handsome. I hate the idea of selling him (trying not to get attached) but really it's not feasible for me to keep him, a) I have very little experience with training babies and b) resources are tight normally, paying for a horse would just not work for me. The lady that is interested in him lives on the other side of the state and is very interested in Morgan showing. So he'd be put to work doing what he was bred to do. Which would make me happy. She's also agreed to include in the agreement that if at any point in the future she wants to sell him, that I have first right of refusal, which means should my situation change in the future, and he comes up for sale, she would have to offer him to me first.

Well Merry Christmas! I hope you are able to spend some time resting and relaxing. And enjoying some time with friends and/or family. I hope that Santa brings you everything you want and more.

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Kerri O said...

Bummer you have to work on Christmas...I wish everyone was more excited about celebrating...I'm excited enough to drive everyone nuts around here, lol. yeeee, Christmas is almost here!!!!


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