Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? I am back from my just over a week vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine. I was able to rest and relax and most of all catch up on some sleep.

One day Ben asked if I wanted to go up Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise. It's said to be the first place the sun is visible on the eastern seaboard in the Continental US. I was thrilled at the chance to go up the mountain and see this moment with my own eyes.

It had been a heat wave in the days prior. Never have I ever remembered a time when it was 90+ for 3 days straight in late August/early September in Maine. On top of the mountain though, there was a stiff breeze out of the north west. I had Ben grab a blanket from the car, he had his nice camera out to grab a couple of pictures of the sunrise. We found a great spot where we could sit and enjoy the moment together. Now mind you there were about 50 other people on top of the mountain with us. Including a pair of women who sat down next to us (turned out they were a couple) but through the course of the early morning we were just chatting back and forth and making jokes. It was nice.

Ben and I were talking about the day and how beautiful it was to see the sun rise up through the clouds. Due to some cloud cover at the horizon line, we didn't actually get to see the sun rise up over the horizon, but it did come through the clouds and was a spectacular view. Ben said at one point, "I have to ask you a question." And I said "ok" and out of nowhere, he pulls this box out and opens it up and he asked me to marry him. I had NO clue! I looked at him and said "really?" (true story!) And he said, yes, I want you to marry me. I was speechless. He handed me the ring box, and I was just staring at it. He had to take the ring out of the box and placed in on my finger, of course then I finally said yes.

Picture is from my iPhone camera; but isn't it perfect!

He was being so sneaky and had been planning this for awhile I guess, I was surprised to say the least. Of course then we had to call everyone. Mind you we had just watched a beautiful sunrise, it was only about 6:20 - 6:30 am, so we called family/friends about 7am. Woke up my dad... but since Ben had asked his permission awhile ago, dad's been expecting the call... Of course he kept it secret from me!

It's been a whirlwind since. Since we were still on vacation, we enjoyed the rest of our time there, celebrating with Ben's extended family. (which means food... I am not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow)

Ben and I start our new weight loss challenge tomorrow and running through New Year's Eve. The loser has to treat to a weekend out in Boston. Since I lost the last challenge, I am NOT planning on loosing this one. And now since I have a new goal of being fit for my wedding, I have even more motivation!

And Ben and I talked about referencing him here on the blog, since in the past I've called him DBF (Dear Boyfriend) the natural choice should be DF (Dear Fiancee) but we both agreed that we didn't really care for that acronym. However we both like H2B (Hubby to Be), so I think that going forward he will be referred to as H2B. It's been interesting getting used to calling him my fiancee, as I've messed up and still referred to him as my boyfriend.

Immediately we've been getting questions about any plans we've made, especially about setting a date. We've talked before about what we've both wanted and we love the fall season and we would both like an outdoor ceremony and possibly near the water. That's about all we've really thought of! I guess I am going to start planning a wedding!

I am not going to let planning a wedding derail my weight loss goals, I still (if not more determined now) to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.

So big news in my life, big exciting news in my life! Vacation was wonderful, even without the engagement vacation was so much fun.


Jenny said...

Congratulations, Cassie!! Fantastic news!!!

karen said...

Congratulations!!! What a gorgeous setting for it, too!

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Congrats, what a wonderful way to propose! Your ring is gorgeous!! Let the planning begin. :)

*Whitney* said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Congrats girl!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! What a beautiful ring!!


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