Monday, September 20, 2010

Catching up and a NSV

Wow, it's been over a week since I last blogged. I am so sorry lovies! I've been busy enjoying life. September is always a busy month for me. Labor day weekend I am typically on vacation in Maine with H2B and his family. The second weekend is the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival, typically for me, means that I am working all weekend (this year also 9/11 falls on that weekend) and then this past weekend, I head up to Loudon, NH for the NASCAR race, for some father daughter time. We spend the whole weekend camping up there, its a blast.

So I am sorry, if you lovies feel neglected, it's not by choice! I've just been enjoying my life a little bit more.

While at NASCAR weekend, I wanted to make sure I brought my Gruve and get green all weekend! Aside from Sunday, I was green the rest of the weekend! 3 straight days of Gruve Green! (Thursday - Saturday). After the race on Sunday, H2B and I went for a walk, I was able to get to blue, but not green, at least it was effort! I was thrilled that although I didn't track my food all weekend, I made an effort to get some exercise in.

A NSV for me, was in NASCAR the best seats are way up in the grandstands, and our seats are about 2/3 of the way up. We are in row 36. There are 5 flights of stairs we climb to get to our seats, in years past, dad and I have had to stop several times, because we were out of breath, well I am happy to report that this year, we only stopped once, after 4 flights straight. I was not only proud of myself, but also my dad, who's been doing so good and losing weight.

Later on, while sitting around the campfire, dad also said that he wanted to start going back to the gym in the next 2 weeks or so. So happy to hear that, I'll have someone to help trash talk me into going to the gym more often. I feel like I've taken the summer off from the gym. I like to be outside if I can, but the New England winter will take over soon enough and I will be back inside kicking butt in the gym.

Although after it all, I stepped on the scale when we got home this morning, and I am up about 2 pounds from last week, I expected worse, so I'll take it. Weigh-in day is tomorrow!

And of course, I didn't post last week's weigh-in results, but I lost all the weight I gained while on vacation. It took me 2 weeks to recover from my gain and get back on track.

Previous Week: 297.6
"This" Week: 290.8
Loss: -6.8
Total Loss: -23

I felt great about getting back on track from vacation mode. And I am glad that it only took me two weeks to do so. In the past I would have given up or been in a slump for a long time. I am happy that I can still be focused even despite gaining or being in vacation mode.

Now that things will be quieting down for me IRL, I am hoping things will ramp up for my blog life! I have some exciting things going on behind the scenes, that I am excited to be sharing with you, hopefully soon!


*Whitney* said...

As I was setting up my Twitter account I thought about you and that I hadn't read any posts from you for a while. As soon as I checked there was a post. So glad to hear of your loss and NSV! Great to have you back!

Cassie said...

hahaha, thanks Whitney, so glad to see you joined twitter.... lol it's addicting, that's for sure! I am so glad things are going well for you!

I hope to be bringing some great content in the future and blog more consistently!


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