Saturday, November 6, 2010


How about a Saturday night random post from yours truly?

  • H2B and I have our wedding date! October 9th, 2011 (10/9/11) the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend. We have a cake and a venue. So many wedding appointments in the next couple of weeks, menu tasting from the caterer and meeting with a potential photographer. Really the only "service" left to secure is a DJ, and we've got several options out there. 
  • On the wedding topic, I feel very blessed to have many friends and family be so helpful in planning and their knowledge and offering of services. 
  • I feel very un-motivated about Weight Watchers this week, I think it's in part due to the lack of my meeting. I have been thinking about dropping Weight Watchers and just going it on my own. After this week and how I've been feeling, I don't think that would be a good idea. 
  • I won a horse! (I know, random, right?) I've been making arrangements to bring him to his new home. He won't be staying, I just can't justify trying to train a colt when I'm in the midst of wedding planning and well then there is the financial impact, especially since after the wedding we will be house hunting. I've got several horsey contacts and I will find him a great forever home. In the meantime, he will be loved!
  • I got to go on another beach ride this past week, what a de-stressor it was for me. I really needed that. I am very fortunate to have that opportunity. 
  • I am thinking about finding another 5K to participate in. I think that will help with my motivation factor and get me to re-commit to the C25K program. Problem is, there aren't many 5K's in the dead of Winter here in New Hampshire!
  • Toy Bank has officially started! Each year I run a program for children and help them have a Christmas when otherwise, they may have gone without. The magic of Santa and the spirit of the community come together and help many children in the town that I grew up in (and work for.) Last year we did just about 320 children. It's a lot of work for me, but very rewarding. 
  • My dad called me today, one of the family pets, a cat named Tawny died today. She was the youngest animal that my parents had. She had been throwing up for the past 2 weeks, last Saturday, my parents took her to the emergency vet, and she was doing well on her medication, but for whatever reason, she died today. :-( 
  • I talked to my brother the other day (he lives in NC), he woke me up at 8am, we talked for a good 45 minutes. It was wonderful, I enjoy our talks. I miss him! 
  • My Gruve has been acting up. Twice now, it hasn't recorded my activity all day. I've been wearing it on my sock for the past 2 days and it seems to be accurate (that is the suggested placement if you are biking). So I guess from now on I will try that out. 
And that's about it on this Saturday evening. I hope all is well with you folks!


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Congrats on the wedding date! Hubs and I were just talking about renewing our vows on our 11th anniversary in May. We never did the cake or dress. Just got married on the beach. Kind of getting excited thinking about doing it this time around... :)

*Whitney* said...

October is a beautiful month to get married. If we wouldn't have gotten married in the spring, it would have been October for sure! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans!

Yeah, there are 11 birthdays in those 2 months. That's not to mention the 3 additional birthdays within the 1st week of January, too. All immediate family members. My mom told Paul and I that when we have kids we aren't allowed to have kids during those 3 months. LOL

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

Yay random posts! I love them!

I already knew your date hehe but congrats on setting and announcing it! Woohoo! You have way more planned than I actually do. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Friend! Congrats on setting a date (nice weekend to get married :-) ) and on winning a freakin' horse! Love it! Hope we can get together soon!
K-Dizzle Fo' Shizzle


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