Sunday, May 23, 2010

Camping for Memorial Day Weekend!

So what are everyone's plans for Memorial Day weekend? It's kind of a tradition with me that we go camping. I've been going to Saco River Campground in North Conway, NH for about 6 years or so, my parents have been going basically since I left for college (10 years ago). It's about a 2 hour drive north from where I live. It's nice. Several people from my work also go as well as some other friends. It's great to see some of the guys that I work with in a social environment as well as see them with their families.

My parents have a nice RV that they camp in, my stepmother's version of  "roughing it". Ben and I on the other hand, tent camp. We are a young couple, and someday we would like to own a camper, but for now, tenting is just as good.

This year on our site is Ben and myself and my two best friends. Tricia and she is bringing her beautiful almost 6 month old daughter. Tricia came last year when she was pregnant with her daughter so it's come full circle! New this year is my other best friend, Kelli (sorry, no blog for her!) she is coming with her husband Tony and their new dog JayJay. Should be interesting. Now, Tricia and I are really still in shock that Kelli agreed to join us, we invited her kind of as a joke. You see, Kelli isn't what we would have considered the camping type. Especially tent camping. But she wants to try it out! She has two beautiful step-daughters who love to camp so Kelli is branching out!

We offered Kelli an extra tent of ours that she can borrow for the weekend, since she doesn't know if she is going to like the experience (I certainly hope that she does!). If she does like tent camping, I'd probably suggest checking out this site for family camping gear, as it can get overwhelming when you new and looking for equipment.

They really have a lot to offer in their store. When I am closer to one of my 101 things to do in a 1001 days goal of hiking Mt. Washington, I am going to look at their site for some gear. The backpacks, especially look promising. I really like the look of the Coleman Chickapin X65 Internal Pack.

They even have a Pet Supplies section, so if Kelli really does like camping and wants to outfit JayJay with some camping supplies, she can!

So camping should be real fun this year. Last year the only bad weather we had was the last full day, the early morning we had some showers, nothing stellar. This year (so far) the 10 day outlook is looking really nice for camping this year! Hopefully it holds true, though we do live in New England, and the forecast is typically bound to change.

I like camping in North Conway because I feel that it's just far enough north to not feel like we are home, there is outlet shopping to be done in North Conway, and there are plenty of activities to keep us busy. That weekend there is a craft fair that Tricia and I enjoy wandering around. We have played mini golf in the past, we've also gone up the Mt. Washington Auto Road, which on a clear nice day, is always a treat. Not sure what we will be doing this year (aside from shopping of course) but resting and relaxing is on the menu for sure!

So what are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

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*Whitney* said...

We're also going camping this weekend! I'm excited for it, but really nervous because I know the food will NOT be good. We're bringing our bikes with us and there are hiking trails at the campground, too. Hopefully we'll get some good exercise or at least movement in! Have fun!

Cassie said...

Yeah food can be tough when camping... takes a lot of planning.

I plan on doing a lot of walking and swimming :-D

I hope you have some fun on your camping trip!


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