Monday, May 24, 2010

Couch to 5K Week 2 in the books!

So today, I was first going to hit the gym, but once I got outside it was too nice out. So I changed my mind and went for a training run. Finally 4 weeks later I finished week 2... damn sinus infection. I am looking forward to starting week 3.

Today's run felt good, the second run cycle my right knee started aching so when I got to the walk portion I took the time to do a nice long stretch. It felt really good and loosened right up. I then did the next couple of run intervals on the grass. Thankfully my town has a nice long stretch of grass called "The Plains". It was my first experience running on grass. Thoughts... it was quite nice. A lot more forgiving than the treadmill and pavement. A lot easier on the joints.

I feel like I am making progress, the first couple of run intervals I was doing a lot of negative self-talk. You know, the kind I've been doing my whole life. Whenever I've started something and it got to a point that I was struggling or had to make a tough decision... yeah well I kept telling myself that I was going to complete the run. I even said it out loud! I hope the postman wasn't bothered by the girl who was yelling at herself... oops! I'm not crazy I swear! The app I have for my iPhone chimes in with "you are halfway" and I was like score, I got this. I busted out the last half of the training session and at the end, I felt SO good and SO proud of myself for being able to combat the negative self-talk. Big NSV (non-scale victory) for me!

I may not be running my first 5k in 2 weeks, but I'll feel confident in the training that I am doing now and I know I will be successful!


Jenny said...

Way to go on your training, sounds like it's going well! I also had issues with negative self-talk, it's a hard thing to overcome, but with some re-programing and believing you can do it... should help :-)

Thanks for commenting on my blog! To answer your Victoria Day question, it's a stat. holiday in Canada for the b-day of Queen Victoria. It's also the first long weekend since Easter so a great excuse for a lot of people to go camping.

Have a great day!

Jess said...

You know what's awesome? That you pushed through the negative self talk. Most runners need a bit to settle into their pace and get out of their heads too. Running is a mental game. Yeah, it's draining physically, but it's WAY more mental than physical, so keep conquering yourself! It sounds weird, but it's true!

AND, I love the feel of grass beneath my feet. Running minimalist/barefoot style has definitely helped me connect with the ground I run on more, and it's beautiful.

Cassie said...

Jess, I really enjoy reading about your barefoot running and I think that once I get comfortable with the fact that I could be a runner, that it would be something I would like to try..Running on the grass was great, made me want to roll around in it like a kid again, then I thought that there might be some dog poop on the grass, and I thought better... lol

And Jenny, thank you for the answer. I've always seen the holiday, just never knew what it was about!


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