Monday, March 29, 2010

Guess what I did...

I signed up for my first 5K ever...

It's part of my 101 things in a 1001 days list. Really there is no time like the present. I mean it's about 3.1 miles. I can do that. I found this great article about your first 5K. I am quite familiar with the race route, and really its faily easy. There is one hill right at the beginning that will probably be the worst for me, but at least its right at the beginning.

So once the rain clears (another 4-6 inches of rain) I will start training. I don't know if I will follow the couch to 5K program. But I will be more focused on training walks/slogs. I sigined up to walk the 5K, but I am hoping to jog most of it. Not going to be for time, that's for sure, but a personal victory when I cross that finish line. And I can cross one more thing off my list. I will be so happy when my fat ass crosses that finish line.

I never in a million years thought ever I would pay to run... heck, even pay to walk. But I want this to count, and I want to be able to keep this memory forever, so for me, its worth the price of admission!

And really, running for beer.. what could be better. Just hopin' for good weather that day!

So can anyone offer me some tips/tricks/clothing options/iPod playlists suggestions?


Goddess in Progress said...

Way to go! I highly recommend C25K. I was a COMPLETE beginner when it came to running, and I found the program very do-able. After going through the nine(ish) weeks, my first 5K was really great. I was working, of course, but I managed to comfortably run the whole thing.

For clothes, I usually wear cropped exercise pants that I buy at Target and a t-shirt. Socks should not be 100% cotton - that will rub and cause blisters.

Also, TOTALLY worth it to go to a running store and get fitted for the right sneakers. Getting the right kind of support will prevent injury. Worth spending more than you would at Payless for better shoes.

Favorite playlist tunes: "Sure Shot" by Beastie Boys; "Baba O'Riley" by The Who; a little Black Eyed Peas; some guilty pleasures like "Single Ladies" and "My Life Would Suck Without You"; and half the soundtrack for Glee. But that's me. :-)

Way to go, have a great race!

jackieblue said...

Good for you!! Go, Cassie!! Thanks for the website. I will definitely take a look. I am running one in May.

Lady Gaga helped some of my run today. Very motivational beat! I have an old school Sony armband running radio, so no personalized playlists for me yet.

I like the tighter kind of spandexy pants. They may be compression, not sure. They also have a drawstring. I got much "back," so I am just more comfortable that way. Oh, yeah...and varicose veins. My favorite ones hit between my knees and ankles. They are Nikes and I got them at Dick's. I also have a killer sports bra. I don't prefer baggy t-shirts, especially when I get all sweaty. Something fitted (girl-cut?) seems to work better for me.

BTW, I am NOT a runner. I just run a little for fitness. I won't lie and tell you I love it or even like it. And the 5K I am doing is Race for The Cure, so it's a cause I really embrace.

Seth said...

Congrats on signing up! I see no problem with timing that first 5k so that the next 5k you have something to beat.


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