Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thinnerware Closed

So I just got the word yesterday that Thinnerware, closed down. No reason was given, but I can imagine it was something way out of control of the owner. Her words, simply stated, that she couldn't go into details but effective immediately she was closing. Refunding any money on orders placed and not delievered. So sad... she just recently bought a new kiln (sp?) You could tell in her words that it was hurting her to make such a decision. And this is really a wonderful product! I hope its able to come back in some form later on down the road.

These plates are amazing, I love having them. And I am SO thankful that my dear and thoughtful boyfriend got them for me. At first I wanted to try it out with just one full set, but he misunderstood me and ended up getting the full set of four place settings (my mistake) but thankful considering this development.

So I am sorry to any of you whom I recommended this dinnerware to, its amazing, and its all mine now!

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