Tuesday, March 9, 2010


After my weigh-in today (down .8) I went and voted (hope those of you who can, did!) and then it was off to Zumba, which was so much fun! I was nervous, but excited, I have never done a class, and I know that I am getting in shape, but no where near it.... so of course I took a spot in the back of the class. Of course I went with some girlfriends, we had a blast.

I was smiling the whole time, it was a great workout. I have no coordination to speak of, and I just went with it. I am sure I looked like a hot mess, but I had fun and I plan on going again. It was great to see the skinnies even sweating... you know it was a good class....

I am really happy that I am finding different avenues to work out and just move more. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I am ok doing it :-D

I heard a great quote from the radio the other day, Life is for the living... and I kinda love that statement... I haven't been living the life I wanted to lately... and I feel like a light has been turned on and I am seeing things in a different perspective.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Zumba does look like fun. They offer it at my gym but I've yet to take a class. It sounds like you have a great attitude about health and fitness.

Jenn said...

Zumba is a blast, even the DVDs I have at home are a lot of fun!


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