Wednesday, March 3, 2010


With all the craziness this week with my work, I really anticipated a gain at the scale. Since Thursday and Friday were a washout, I made sure I went to the gym on Sunday (and on Monday). I am close to being able to cross of an item on my 101 things in a 1001 days list... the dreaded gym 3 times a week for 2 months... I am one gym date away from completing that task, and I have a gym date tonight.... so excited to be crossing things off my list!

Well we had a large fire at work, it even made national news... (crazy) A block of Hampton Beach burned down, including my beloved Happy Hampton Arcade. That arcade was my first real job, I loved working there. I met so many wonderful people and obviously I've stayed in touch with the owner (who lived above the arcade), thankfully he made it out safely, but not only is his business gone, but his home as well.

This summer won't be the same without the arcade, but several other businesses were also lost in the fire. With the hurricane force winds the nasty weather really helped this fire grow and quickly. The whole night was just crazy. My station lost power, the generator that is nearly twice my age failed (shocker) so I had to leave the station and go to our Station 2 to run dispatch. So all my safe food was left at my office in the station. I went to Station 2 with nothing and was stuck there for about 20 hours. So I had to eat what was brought to me... so donuts and pizza. Ugh! I thought for sure I was going to be up at the scale. But when I got home, I focused on my goal, and my goal for the week became to have a small gain, but ideally maintain for the week.

To my suprise, I had lost .4!  It really goes to show you what daily recommitment can do for you. Don't focus on the daunting task of weight loss as a whole. Focus on the day to day... Recommit each morning to make the best choices for you possible. I am down to 288 pounds and a total loss of 25.8 pounds since starting Weight Watchers in mid October.

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