Friday, March 5, 2010

Setting up to fail and coming out of the junk food coma

I'm down over 25 pounds, I need to get over my body image issues and really think I need to take progress pictures. But that means putting it out there... here... on the World Wide Web, for EVERYONE to see... all 2 people who read my blog.

Pictures don't lie... it’s a capture of a moment in time. And to be honest, I really thought I was going to fail at this diet. So many times I have failed in the past, so it didn't even occur to me that I could actually be successful... So I didn't bother taking start pictures. I know I am fat, I didn't need proof. Seriously, I would (and still do) hid from cameras! I don’t want proof that I am fat! Or if pictures are taken, I need editorial rights… and you can only take pictures from the chest up! Its’ my good side/angle. LOL

However, I am really ticked off at myself now; that I didn't take pictures. I am so proud of my weight loss, and I would have LOVED to see the difference between then and now. I was so embarrassed and had already prepared myself to fail, that I missed on the opportunity to see and acknowledge my changing body.

It sucks that I started a lifestyle change thinking I was going to fail. That is a terrible mentality! But it’s how we are conditioned... over and over again I've failed and just gone back to those old terrible ways.

Once I started going to WW meetings again and also having my friends and family helping me along away. I am motivated so much by my weight loss. I am encouraged by the results and my own feelings. I can feel my body and mind changing about food and exercise. I enjoy going to the gym, it’s a stress release for me and I feel great after getting a good workout in. I am changing my ways with food. I am re-wiring my life and trying to set it up to succeed.

When I started WW, the night after my weigh-in was my let loose night. If I maintained or lost weight, I wouldn't journal or count points, or nothing. Now, I no longer need that "let loose" night. I've rewired my way of thinking... I get the nutrition I need when I need it. I look at the amount of food I used to eat, and I get sick thinking about it. I can no longer eat the amount. Let alone the content.

Too much fried food makes me sick, too much red meat makes me sick... my body is starting to revolt against the bad food; I am FINALLY coming out of the Junk Food Coma! It is like someone turned a light on and it is finally starting to click that I do not need certain food in my life. I no longer crave French Fries like I used to, I can still have a taste and I don’t go hog wild. And the one time I did recently was met with disastrous results (I’ll leave it at that).

I am so happy to be coming out of the Junk Food Coma and moving in a positive direction. I am cooking more (and yes… getting better at it) and using spices more instead of salt. I am trying new foods; my menu isn’t as boring as it used to be! Picky eaters can eat a variety of foods; you just have to be willing to try new things! Your taste buds change something like every 7 years I’ve heard, so why not try something that you used to hate, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I am still waiting for my taste buds to LET me enjoy yogurt. There is something about the texture of yogurt that I cannot STAND! I know it’s great for you and there are so many benefits with yogurt… I just wish I could enjoy it. It would be a great addition for breakfast or as a snack.

So my point is, this weekend, I am going to have my dear boyfriend take some pictures so when I loose the next 25 pounds, I can have something to refer back to. And yes, I will be posting those pictures here. I can post my weight; I need to be ok with posting those pictures.

Does anyone have any suggestions for flattering poses? Thanks for letting me ramble on.

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