Monday, August 2, 2010

Looking Back...

My wonderful chorus teacher posted some "oldies but goodies" pictures from back in my high school days on facebook. This picture was probably my sophomore year of high school, we had taken a trip to Pennsylvania to do an exchange concert.

Looking back on this time, I realize that I thought I was heavy back then. It's true I was taller and heavier than all the other girls in school, but as an adult, I'd give anything to go back to that weight. That shirt that I am wearing is an x-large. I am currently still rocking a 2-3x shirt (depending on the style).

I am really happy that my teacher posted these pictures, it's great to have those memories. It's also great that back in the day, I wasn't really hiding from the camera and embracing my body. I wish I had that confidence now. I am better now than I was at my heaviest, but I don't enjoy having my pictures taken.

Other than that I don't think that I really have changed much, still have that big goofy smile, but happy. I cropped out my teacher (I didn't have his permission to publish his image) but in this picture I am giving him some bunny ears. Yeah, I was a bit of a teacher's pet. I LOVED chorus in high school, it was so much fun. 

When I get back to a healthy weight, stand back, I'll be a camera whore! Show me love!


Alexia said...

hey - just found you! friends posted pictures of me from elementary school and i was a chubby cute. we moved to the states and i got heavier and heavier. and then it wasn't so cute.

Cassie said...

Hey Alexia thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog!

Lizz said...

Isn't it silly? I used to think I was huge in high school. Dude. I was Skeletor. I was way too thin. Now here I am....80 pounds heavier. *sigh*


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