Friday, August 13, 2010

Tracking Challenge Day 4

Well day 4 and I am still going strong (over halfway!). Still tracking. I had a bad day, still tracked, but I wasn't making good food decisions. I do well when I'm not at work. I can identify that work is still a big weakness for me. I do strive to be better while I am at work, it's just going to take some hard work and dedication on my part. (Read: fried dough for dinner is NOT acceptable - but tasty)

I still managed 33.5 points total for the day, leaving me .5 points left over of my daily allowance.

What I am also impressed with is that I've managed to be consistent with my multi-vitamin and other medications, I've been very lax about taking them (obviously none of them are for chronic illnesses) but when I am tracking, I enjoy checking off those little boxes and seeing that smiley face, like I've done something good! (which I have) I am sure my doctor's will also be happy that I am more compliant with my medications.

All in all not a bad day. I weighed in today, but that will be in a separate post. Tracking works folks! I am so happy that I found Jen's post about her goal to track and that I piggy-backed on it and made it one of my goals this week!

I am obviously going to try and attempt to continue tracking my food beyond this weekly challenge, but probably won't be posting it like I am for this week.

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