Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random Updates

So I had my first problem with my Gruve. I wasn't able to sync with my computer. I was able to plug it in and charge it, but it wouldn't sync. After finally getting an e-mail from a gentleman with some troubleshooting ideas, I went home to try and fix my issue. I went through all of his suggestions (even uninstalling and reinstalling the program) with no success, I hunted around and found a spare USB cord so I plugged it in and crossed my fingers. It worked!!! It synced no problem! I was thrilled. I found it weird that the cord would charge the unit but not sync the unit. Ugh. Either way, I asked Muve (the company that makes the Gruve) about sending me a new USB cord for my unit.

I am so happy that I was able to sync and download my data, I didn't want to loose any this week! Although I was in yellow for 2 out of the 3 days I wasn't able to sync, I think it's important to have an accurate record.

Tomorrow a whole group of my friends and DBF and his friends are getting together for our annual Water Country trip. I am looking forward to hanging with some friends that I don't get to see all that often anymore. It stinks that I can't wear my Gruve, I'd like to see how many calories I burn while walking around a water park and swimming. I wish there was a way to manually enter activity into the Gruve system so you could at least keep track if you did activity.

DBF and I are being smart and planning ahead, we are packing some healthy snacks and sandwiches for the day, instead of eating the fried food there. We are bringing a big pitcher full of Crystal Light instead of buying soda (especially me, while I am still on my soda free summer challenge).

Of course with all my running around and planning for tomorrow, I forgot to get dinner for tonight! So I ordered out and got one of my old nemesis.... Steak and Cheese Sub. YUM Of course it came with greasy onion rings, I only ate about 6 inches of my 8 inch sub and threw out the onion rings. Actually looking at them made me sick to my stomach. I do believe I've kicked my habit of onion rings. They just don't look appealing to me anymore. And even now just sitting here, the Steak and Cheese is just sitting in my stomach like a lump and it's not a great feeling... the downfalls of not planning ahead.

I do believe when you are eating better and healthier that your body gets used to it. So when you go back to your old ways, your body revolts, almost as a way of saying, hey you... you are doing so good, don't you dare go back to the old way...

Believe me, I'm not... It may take some time for the weight to come off, but I still want to enjoy my life while on this healthy journey. That is what I really love about Weight Watchers, they teach you how to lose weight while eating every day foods, and still be able to enjoy the foods you love. Although I am finding that the foods I used to love, I no longer crave or crave less of. Of course, aside from ice cream, sigh....

In other news, I am very much looking forward to my vacation next week. DBF's family has a summer cottage up near Bar Harbor, it's just such a relaxing and fun time. DBF has a knack for picking vacations and having great weather, so I am hopeful that this year will be no different. I do need to look into about seeing if there is a Weight Watchers meeting locally up there, as I would prefer to still weigh in and go to the meeting (Gotta keep up with my monthly goals!). Since we have the cottage we typically have most meals there and only eat out once or twice. So as long as I keep my snacking in check and make healthy decisions I should fair ok. I do plan on bringing my Gruve and keeping it green all week! I am sure I can convince DBF to go for a walk or two if needed ;-)

Since FitBloggin' 11 was announced, twitter has been aflutter with everyone talking about going or thinking about it. I'd really like to go, as far as conferences, it's really not that far away. Baltimore is a great location and May is a great time to be there! I am going to try and see if I can get a sponsor to help with some of the costs. Typically Southwest does some great deals out of Manchester to Baltimore and I could possible get a roommate to help cut down on hotel costs. I jokingly offered to Kerri from Kat Does Diets on twitter, and she said if she goes, she'd be my roomie! Of course DBF thinks the whole Fitbloggin' idea is funny, and thinks it's funny that I'd just randomly agree to pair up and get a roommate for the weekend... Kerri, he's hoping you aren't a serial killer or anything.... just saying.

Lastly, since using Networked Blogs on facebook and posting my updates over there, I've noticed a dramatic increase in my traffic, I am assuming it's my IRL friends checking up on me. Most of them know that I am actively trying to loose weight, but don't really know how I blog about it all the time.

**Hi Real Life Friends**


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I'd love to go to Fitbloggin', I'm really considering it. :)

Shelli said...

So, you can't get the Gruve wet? Mind if I ask how much it costs per month?

Planning ahead is the way to go. That's awesome that you have already done that.

Cassie said...

Hi Shelli, No as with most activity monitors, you can't really get them wet.

I bought my Gruve on sale for $100 and it comes with a 12 month subscription. I figured it was worth the trial. After the year period I'll re-evaluate if it's something I'd like to continue.

Shelli said...

That's not too bad. When I gain a little green stuff, I might try that. Or maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas.

Kerri O said...

muahahaha! U never know, lol, missed this post, freakin hilarious. I'm safe and even relatively normal, promise.

Cassie said...

Well normal is no fun! ;-) Some trouble is better! hahahaha


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