Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Status with Food

Are you single and ready to mingle or It's complicated when it comes to food?

If you aren't living under a rock, you know of facebook and probably have an account even. Ever notice the relationship status? And how now a days, it's a big event if you change your status?

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I recently overheard one girl say to another "Like, so you are like facebook boyfriend and girlfriend?" "Like he changed his status for you?" I didn't realize that times have changed. But it's not that long ago that one would pass a note in class, saying "Do you want to go out, check yes or no".

How about when it comes to food; what is your relationship with food?

Are you single? Ready to mingle and eat with reckless abandon.
Are you in a relationship? And eating consciously, taking into consideration, your healthy relationship with food/calories
Is it Complicated? Are you still trying to figure things out, how to juggle it all and make it work
Engaged? Congrats, you've got it mostly figured out and are working on perfection!
Married? You've attained blissfulness with your relationship with food, and life is a breeze, right? You don't need to count calories, you are making smart food choices and working at it, after all, marriage takes work sometimes, right?
Divorced? Have you given up trying? Thinking about being single again or starting over for a new relationship?
Widowed? Perhaps you've had a traumatic experience or life changing event that shakes you to your core, and you need to start over again, after you've had time to process things.

I think we all go through life experiencing these different relationships with food, in some form or another.

If you had to say today, what your facebook relationship status would be with food, what would it be?


Josh Healy said...

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Kerri O said...

I love this post...from a writing standpoint (and the content too of course) VERY creative!


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