Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tracking Challenge: Day 2

So I did ok today. Out of the week, today (Wednesday) was the day I was most concerned about. I was heading down to Boston for the night, and I didn't know what my food options were going to be so late at night. I had a late meeting (it didn't get out till 10pm) so there wasn't much open in the way of food and I wasn't too keen on the idea of eating that late. However, by 10pm I was starving.

Again, a peeve of mine is trying to support local businesses but still trying to find nutritional information, this again happened today since I was trying to get information about my smoothie this morning. I guess-timated as best I could and again felt that I over-estimated just in case.

I did manage to find a place to eat in Boston at 10 pm at night, McDonald's, oh those golden arches.... Still trying to keep my soda free status in place, I opted for water. But man, the staff was really trying to push the soda on me, no wonder it's a no brainer for anyone else, but hey, I am trying to be conscious about this!

McDonald's put me way over my daily points and I had to dip into my WAP, but that is what they are there for as Roni reminded me on twitter this morning. I guess I've just always told myself that I shouldn't use them, but there are occasions that they are practical.

My total points for today was 54.5! So I used 20.5 of my WAP and I have 14 WAP remaining for the rest of the week.

One side note, my Gruve was glowing green that night for sure! I had a little time to kill before my meeting so I took my time and walked around some parts of Boston (I had enough time to walk, but not enough time to eat. I was also in a part of Boston where it was all sit down restaurants.)

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