Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Goals Recap

I am writing some content in advance of my vacation, as I wanted to give my readers some updates while I am away. This is a scheduled post.

Well here we are at the end of another month, and it's time for another monthly goal recap. My August goals were:
  • Write down my food, for at least one week. Challenge yourself to take it one step further and TRACK said food intake. - WIN!
  • Strive for 4 days of activity. (walk/c25k run/zumba/gym/whatever) - Fail(ish)
  • Attend Weight Watcher meetings every week - Fail(ish)
  • Start studying for HAM radio exam - In Progress
  • Clean the inside of my car - WIN!
  • Host a giveaway on my blog - fail

All in all... I sucked this month. I wasn't really aware of my goals, and didn't do a good job keeping track of things.

I did not keep track of my activity. Although I did get so level of activity each day in, I didn't keep track of it, so I am going to give myself a big old FAIL on that one.

I was doing very well with attending my Weight Watcher meetings each week, however last week, due to a meeting and work conflict, I could only weigh in and not stay for the meeting. Even though I failed at this goal, I am still planning on attending a weigh in and meeting while on vacation. Which I do think is a success on my part. I am not giving up and still committed to the long term journey and goals that I want to achieve.

While on vacation, I am taking my HAM book with me and I do plan on studying and actually reading up on testing for my HAM Radio Operator's License.

I finally got around to cleaning the inside of my car, it was all dusty and dirty and was in dire need of a vacuum and a cleaning.

Finally hosting a giveaway on my blog, yeah, I haven't gotten around to that and with the vacation, it's just not going to happen before the end of the month. I am going to re-commit this goal next month and hopefully you all will be able to see this in the works soon.

Of course the one goal that I did well this month was tracking my food! To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this, I wanted to challenge myself, and I do believe I succeeded well! Of course Jen issuing the tracking challenge helped tremendously. I've tracked at least 2 weeks worth of food. Although no consistently, I went 9 days of tracking consistently before last weekend (August 21-22). Moving forward, I am planning on to continue tracking my food, I saw losses at the scale when I track consistently, and it works. It makes you more focused and aware of what you are eating/drinking.

Overall, even though I had more failures that successes, I am committed long term to my journey and I do believe there is long term changes happening within myself and my mindset. I am excited for the future.

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*Whitney* said...

Cass, you did great this month! Don't beat yourself up about not making it to that WW meeting! At least you got there to weigh in, that's great!

I hope you have a wonderful vacation!! I look forward to hearing all about it when you return!


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