Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

As I said last week, trying to work my weight watchers meeting/weigh-in can be difficult. I am really beginning to think that sleep (and lack there of) as something to do with your weight loss and/or retention of water weight. I was up last week, however, 2 days later, after I caught up on my sleep and had something that resembled normal life, I was back down to just a little above my Awesome by August weight.

This week, I lost! I do believe that tracking is helping tremendously with that!

Last week's weight: 296.6
This week's weight: 291.8
Loss: -4.8

Total Loss: -22

Thoughts: Well obviously, I am thrilled with a loss, I am sad with myself that I allowed myself to get back into the 290's but thrilled that I didn't get back into the 300's. My lowest recorded weight with Weight Watchers was 283 back on April 27th! I was so close to my 10% goal (282.8) I will achieve that goal by the end of September (nearly 5 months after I was last at that weight!).

This week's meeting topic was about being flexible in your life, mostly with your lifestyle changes. Every now and again you need to give yourself a break and remind yourself that you are human. And life is subject to change. Our leader in order to help remind us, gave us flexible straws, rigid at first and then flexible as needed to be. It reminded me that when we start out trying to loose weight that we are strict and rigid, even though the Weight Watchers plan allows you to eat whatever you'd like, you are still bound to say, oh I can't have that or that's on the no list. As you get familiar with the plan and comfortable, you can be flexible with what you are eating and can focus on if you want to have something you can, just in moderation.

What I am amazed with throughout this whole ordeal is that I am a) learning about myself and b) that I don't think I will ever stop learning when it comes to Weight Watchers. There are so many aspects about life and food and exercise, and trying to focus on it all can be difficult. It's nice to be able to focus on a part and then move on. However if you feel yourself slipping you can always go back for a refresher ;-)

Next week will be weird, as I've weighed in on Friday for this week, but will hopefully be back on my regular weigh in on Tuesday, so it will feel like a short week for me.

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Shelli said...

I read in the little book they gave us this week where it said that a leader told a member after she had had a particularly bad week, "If you drop one egg on the floor, you wouldn't throw the rest of them there, would you?" Just because we have a slip, doesn't mean we have to slide all the way down the hill.

Congrats on your loss. I lost this week too. Yay us!


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