Monday, August 16, 2010

Tracking Day 5

Sorry for falling behind in my posts. I promise, I've still been tracking, but I haven't been a good blogger and posting such here. This weekend was kick a$$, full of great weather, good friends and fun!

Saturday I got off from work and headed to Patch Wood Farm to get the animals ready for the Sandown Old Home Days Parade. This is the second year that the farm (and I) have participated. DBF brought out the "other woman" his 1970 Mustang to lead off the farm. Then it was the goats, horses, Sal the donkey and all of the dogs! We ended up being the tail end of the parade (on purpose? since we had the horse waste to deal with) but all the kids seemed to love seeing all the animals. We were the only animals in the parade. The parade was well attended this year, both in parade attendees as well as people in the parade itself.

After we finished putting away all the animals, we went and grabbed a bite to eat and then parted ways. DBF and I went home where I promptly took a nap! (I guess the night shift and the parade took it out of me!) After a few hours, I woke up and was able to get myself cleaned up and off to a friend's for a bonfire get together. It was great to see this group of friends as I haven't seen them in awhile. It was a late night for DBF and I but well worth it.

I love summer!

As far as tracking, I used 36 points. So I used 2 of my WAP points, but that's what they are there for!

I am feeling really good about tracking my food and getting my Gruve green. These are all positive changes. You can still enjoy your life and loose weight.

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