Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tracking Day One

So day one... well it went fairly well. DBF and I took a late evening walk (3 miles) and we didn't get back home till about 9:30. We were both starving for food and didn't feel like cooking anything, so we ordered pizza, but I didn't feel guilty, I had eaten well all day and I was tracking my food.

I always do well tracking for the first few days, and then I loose interest. I am hoping that Jen will call me out if I am slacking. I'd really like to get a full solid week in.

So how did I do? Great, I thought! I have 34 points a day to eat with. yesterday I ate 34.5 worth. (thankfully I have those weekly allowance points) I also did track my activity however I am going to try and refrain from using those in calculating how much I can eat.

One note of minor annoyance is whenever I go out to eat or do take out. I try to buy local. I try to support the local economy. However it's difficult to track points when they don't have their nutritional facts either on their website or in the business itself. I had to guesstimate and even then, I tend to go heavy, just in case.

This challenge stemmed from Jen and her weekly goal to track her food and try to hold herself more accountable for her food intake. Tracking my food for at least one week has been a monthly goal in both July and August for me. I am looking forward to crossing that one off!

I do feel more aware of what I am eating. I don't want to track it so I don't eat it. But I am eating my points.

Technology note... if anyone knows how to get a full screen shot of the WW tracker, I'd be more than happy to post it here. But the print screen option doesn't work since there is a scroll bar involved. Or even take a screen shot of my WW iPhone app.


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Great job tracking all your eats. I know sometimes its annoying but it really does work.

I'm trying to get back into tracking too. :)

*Whitney* said...

Great job with your tracking! Ugh...I get so frustrated when you can't find nutritional info for local restaurants! That's a pet peeve of mine for sure!

Shelli said...

I'm a Weight Watcher, too. I struggle most with tracking. I hate it. I start out doing really well and by the end of the week, I'm not doing it anymore. It's frustrating.

Cassie said...

Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

Sometimes it's nice to know that I am in some great company of other wonderful people who are trying to be better!


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