Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update: 101 in 1001

It has been 7 months since I started my Day Zero Project of 101 things in a 1001 days; so I thought I would update the status of my list: (I guess I should have done this at the end of last month, oops!)

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Starting Date: Friday January 1st, 2010 Ending Date: Friday September 28th, 2012

1 Spend a rainy day watching films in my PJ's
2 Try two new cookie recipes this Christmas
3 Attend the midnight premiere of a movie (Went to see the new Twilight movie with my stepmom!)
4 Get married
5 Go skydiving.
6 Learn to knit
7 Organize my closet
8 lose 15 pounds
9 Go on a cruise
10 Go whitewater rafting
11 buy a house
12 See a Broadway show
13 spend a day at the spa
14 Lose 5 pounds
15 Own an iPhone
16 Try a new (and possibly frightening) food
17 Watch two movies at a cinema in the same day.
18 Influence a person to make a day zero list (Go Nick and Tricia!)
19 go fly a kite
20 Pay off my credit cards
21 Have a housewarming party
22 Floss every night for a month
23 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
24 Go sledding
25 Lose 10 Pounds
26 start a family
27 help a stranger
28 Have a sleepover party
29 Have a friend choose a complete outfit for me
30 Play a new board game
31 Travel by train (this is planned for this weekend; dinner cruise on the Conway Scenic Railway!)
32 Make homemade bread
33 Go to a casino
34 Take at least 5 photos a day for a month
35 Eliminate non-fitting clothing from my wardrobe
36 Save $5000
37 Read 100 books (0/100)
38 Compose a new list of 101 things to do in 1001 days
39 For every task I do not complete, donate $1 to charity
40 Put aside $5 for every completed task
41 Go to a Patriots game
42 Drink nothing but water for 2 weeks
43 Watch the sunrise at the beach
44 Host a giveaway on my blog
45 Organize photos and get and stay caught up with my scrapbooking
46 Climb Mount Washington
47 Attend a hot yoga class
48 Do 100 situps for a month (0/30)
49 Ask for someone else's advice and take it
50 Give a stranger a compliment
51 Write down something positive about myself for 30 days straight
52 Have “date night” one night of the week for 1 month (4/4)
53 Work out faithfully 3x a week for 2 months
54 Take a trip to Las Vegas
55 No swearing for a day x12 (0/12)
56 Play a game of 18-hole golf (North Hampton Professional Firefighter's annual golf tournament)
57 Put change in someone’s expired parking meter
58 Take the Cat ferry to Canada
59 Have a weekend getaway for SO and I
60 Start our own Christmas tradition
61 Get my HAM radio license
62 Participate in a 5K (run/walk) VERY excited that I completed this!
63 Make my own candles
64 Climb Cadillac Mountain
65 Learn at least 50 ASL signs
66 Go one weekend "Unplugged" no phone/Internet
67 Send/Give 100 cards “just because.” (9/100)
68 Leave SO a love note/note of encouragement/surprise email 1x a week for 2 months
69 Complete 3 – 1500 piece or more jigsaw puzzles (0/3)
70 Visit 5 new states not previously in (driving through doesn't count) (NJ in October for a wedding!)
71 Participate in a 10K (run/walk)
72 help a friend in need
73 take a class (work related)
74 Have one day off per week for 1 month
75 Make SO breakfast in bed
76 Bring coffee in for the boys at work
77 hang pictures/art on walls
78 Buy flowers/edible arraignments for someone.
79 Be able to buy clothing in the regular women's section
80 Invest my money better
81 borrow books from the library; instead of buying them (I signed up for a library card, just haven't caught up with the books I have to read yet!)
82 get a makeover to include makeup!
83 Try a new recipe once a week for 1 month
84 Call one cousin per week until all Bridle Cousins have been spoken to (Kenny / Bill)
85 Host a girls night at my house
86 Host a couple's night
87 Prepare my will
88 Take a pole dancing class
89 Travel to Nantucket / Martha's Vineyard
90 Visit my grandmother at least once a month for a year (4/12)
91 plan a couples camping trip
92 Play Bingo with friends
93 Host a transit party.
94 See an old friend once per month for one year (2/12) - Kaylynn / K-Dizzle
95 See Rocky Horror at midnight showing
96 Go and shoot a gun at a firing range
97 To get a physical each year (Scheduled for mid October this year)
98 To see a UNH/UMaine Hockey Game
99 To kiss the Cat at UNH
100 To go to a Red Sox / Yankees game
101 To complete this list in less than 1001 days

Well, I've completed another 5 items this time around, with progress on 4 of the longer term items. I'm still really excited with my progress here. For me, lists work, and I have this list printed out and I look at it every so often to see what I can check off next.

So this also means that I will be depositing $25 into my Day Zero savings account.

I am so proud of myself for accomplishing a 5K that is huge! I've not found my runner's high yet, but it is a great way to get a quick cardio workout in. I do enjoy the competition of racing, but I think I will need to feel comfortable with my running before I will enter a race again. Although I do still have that 10K on my list here...

I golfed with my dad. At first, I kind of laughed it off as a joke, but when the date started to get closer and dad needed a firm answer, I agreed. I was scared that I would hold our foursome back, but turns out the other guys just were out to have a good time and didn't care about scores. Good thing, we came in dead last! However, we did get a prize for being the "most honest" with our record keeping. Good times. I enjoyed golfing so much that DBF and I are going again this coming weekend as well as at least one other tournament planned in September with dad.

My stepmother loves Twilight and had wanted to try out the local drive-in. Since I love going to the drive-in, I was more than happy to go, we found out that Twilight would be playing during the week, well once we got there, we realized it was opening night, so low and behold, we went to a midnight premiere. It was a fun time, although I don't understand what all the fuss is about Twilight, it was a good movie, but nothing worth swooning over. All in all, my stepmom and I had a blast!

We hung our pictures! We have lived in our apartment for nearly 2 years and never hung our wall art/photos. This bothered me since we have the standard white walls, we have tall ceilings and it was all white, I would sometimes feel like I lived in a mental hospital. So I was thrilled when DBF decided to help out and hang our stuff. Our apartment looks so much more lived in now.

In May, I hosted a girl's night, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, not really celebrated, just decided that we should have fajitas and we went with a theme. My girlfriends are top notch and I love each and everyone one of them in their own special way. Very sex in the city-ish only New Hampshire country style!

My grandmother has enjoyed her monthly visits although now when I go see her, she asks when will DBF be visiting next? Seriously, why does everyone think this man walks on water ;-) j/k, I just think he's slipping her some grape nut ice cream every time he does visit.

Next month's old friend shouldn't be tough, DBF and I will be attending the wedding of an old friend of mine from my Transit days and then in October we will be attending the wedding of a college friend of mine. DBF and I have 4 weddings this season, that's a lot since we usually average 1-2 per year.

I am so happy with my progress! I can't wait to see what the next 2 months bring (got to get back on the quarterly track)

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