Sunday, July 18, 2010

Latest Fashion Accessory

So, DBF went and got the mail on Friday and when I saw him Friday night he said I had some mail. So me thinking it was mostly bills, I wasn't too excited to dig into it right away.

When I got home, I saw that in fact it was an envelope from Jen from Prior Fat Girl! And it was my bracelet I had ordered from her blog!

For me it's going to be a visual reminder of one bite, one decision. A journey begins with a single step and then another and then another. I hope it's going to remind me that it's the little changes, the re-commitments, all make a difference and matter in the long run. And each day is a new day to start. The past is in the past and the actions I took can't be undone. I can only move forward in this journey.

Thank you Jen for helping to remind and inspire me!

1 comment:

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Perfectly worded. Even mid day, we can still make the next decision count. So glad you find it helpful!


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