Friday, July 9, 2010

Awesome By August

I need a swift kick in the pants... for whatever reason my heart just really hasn't been in my weight loss journey, I know it's hard work and maybe this is my inner fat chick trying to come back out again, but I am fighting hard. I seem to always have an excuse. I'll exercise later, I can't be bothered to count points/calories, whatever.

I did manage to continue my soda free challenge, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this week and I **will** achieve 3 visits to the gym this week (tonight and tomorrow) with a long walk thrown in for the total of 4, all in line with my July goals.

I just signed up to participate in the Awesome By August Challenge! You can join in too, check it out over at Kat Does Diets. (official rules also posted there) You can also follow the action all month on twitter with the hash tag #awesomebyaugust, I really want to do well. I just need focus.

If you want to enter the Awesome By August challenge you can! Though you must send your weigh in picture to by Midnight CST.

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Seth said...

good luck with the Awesome by August!


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