Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weigh In & #amerryworkoutpledge

Well I went to Weight Watchers and weighed in on Tuesday. After my 4 pound gain 2 weeks ago, I am happy to report that I've lose 3 of those pounds. My current weight is 290.2 and my total loss is 23.6.

I am excited that even after taking a week off, mind you my birthday week, that I've rebounded and I've got the scale going in the right direction. I am hoping to combat all the little gains I've had over the last month or so and really focus on hitting my 10% this month; which is 282.8. Which means I have a month to lose 7.8 pounds. If I can average 2 pounds per week, this will be easily accomplished.

I've made a decision to stick with Weight Watchers through the fall. I think that the meetings really help me, and the weigh-ins are good for me. I can't justify it away. The weight has to come off.

The reason I didn't post this sooner was that Tuesday night, I took my stepmother to the local drive in to see Eclipse. She is a "twihard", I on the other hand could care less, regardless, we both had a great time and she was so thrilled that I went. My dad was thrilled to as now he didn't have to go with her. I have to say, the movie is enjoyment, but I just don't get all the hype.

I also on Tuesday, I offered up my blog to host this month's installment of #amerryworkoutpledge. I first had said that it would be until 3pm, but at 3pm, I only had 3 comments, 2 of which were my own. So I extended until 8am the following morning and I posted on my facebook page for everyone to see. One of my friends picked right up and commented away, but still at the end of the day, only 17 comments! That would have translated to 7 minutes 30 seconds of cardio. Barely enough to get my heart rate in the zone. So I scrapped the whole thing and offered up that instead of it being 30 sec of cardio, that it will be 17 hours of working out this week.

Yesterday, I went horseback riding. Although I was only planning on being at the farm for an hour or two, I ended up being there the whole day, 9:30am to 5pm! My friend with the farm had many children over, so I helped out with barn chores. Basically, I got to play with animals all day. Included was chasing down the donkey who got out of his pen. I was running around all day, and today, I feel it. My legs and arms hurt. What a great feeling though! So I plan on counting that as 7 hours of cardio/working out. Only 10 more hours to go!

I do plan on hitting the gym tonight for another hour or so. And hopefully get some more time in throughout the weekend. It's the fourth of July and I'm scheduled to work this weekend. DBF is off to Rhode Island to visit with his best friend, I wish I could go with him, but sadly, someone has to work. Those phones don't answer themselves. I have a sneaky suspicion with how nice the forecast is, that the beaches will be packed this weekend. So while DBF is out of town and when (and if) I get some time off from work this weekend, I plan on putting some more hours in.

I hope if you are celebrating the fourth of July, that you celebrate responsibly! Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!

How many hours a week do you commit to working out?

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Seth said...

my workouts seem to vary in time...I say that 17 this week is a better start right now!


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