Friday, June 10, 2011

Weighing in and Marathon Week

First off, let me say, that I am so over being sick, I've been on  Augmentin for my sinus infection for a week, I still have a few more days left, but I am on day 29 of being sick! I hate not being able to run, even all this walking and activity for Marathon Week has made my cough VERY productive (don't worry, I won't go into anymore details beyond that...)

Marathon Week has been super thus far, I've been at least walking every day and getting some serious mileage in. Some days, it's all at once, most days it's broken up into smaller walks. It's been nice to shake things up a bit. The balls of my feet have been killing me! I guess they aren't used to all this activity. 

Some reflections on the week: 

  • First off - I a super proud of myself for even attempting this, if I were able to run, I don't think I would have as much of issue with this, but not being able to run, definitely made this a challenge. 
  • My H2B joined the challenge, Ben said that he'd join in the "fun" and he's been doing great, he did a big long walk on Monday (think like 14 miles) and he's been awesome. So proud of my guy!
  • I have spent more time walking without music than I have with music this week. It's a nice change of pace to actually listen to the world around you. 
  • I hate bugs... especially bugs that chase you.... and mosquitoes, they are just nasty. 
  • I've found some great new places to go for a walk and can't wait to explore some more.
As of right now, I am at 25.1 miles for the week that includes just over ten miles of biking yesterday at the gym. I am currently at work, for what looks like a 48 hour shift, so I won't be getting out of work until Sunday morning. So I will only have to do a "small" walk on Sunday in order to complete the challenge. I am super proud of myself. 

Thank you to Steve for setting up and hosting this challenge, it's been awesome, just like he is!

And now, for the weigh in. Friday is my typical weigh in day, so here it is: 305.5.

Not really sure why I had a 1.5 pound gain this week, it may be the Augmentin? Or maybe just all the increase in activity from this week. I'm still tracking my food using My Fitness Pal and I haven't gone over my calories any day last week. I guess we'll have to see if it comes off next week or the week after (when I'll be fully off the Augmentin). It's a little frustrating, but I am not going to let it get me down. 

This week was my step mom's birthday, she's recently had to switch to a gluten free diet, so dad made her a fried dinner, we had homemade french fries, chicken, haddock, scallops and shrimp. All of the breading and seasoning was gluten free, it actually tasted better than how he usually made it! For desert, we splurged, dad got her a carrot cake that was gluten free, and I am not usually a big fan of carrot cake, but this one was excellent. It tasted more like spice cake than carrot. 

I've tried several meals that she's cooked now and if I may brag for a moment, my step mom has ALWAYS been an excellent cook, and she's been working hard trying to find good substitutes for her meals that she loves, and she's really doing an excellent job of things. I am so proud of her and proud of my dad for at least trying her gluten free recipes. 

And lastly, for those of you who remembered... here is a picture of me, while on one of my walks from this week.

Please don't mind the bra strap in the picture, this was an hour into my walk on a hot and humid day... 

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