Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Girls

Every girl should have a friend like Kristen. She is wonderful, she convinced me to go get the girls sized and to make sure my bras were fitting properly. Because of course, there is some random figure out there that is like 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. 

And I would be one of those women...

We went to Zoe & Co. Professional Bra Fitters (how would you like that title on your resume?), I have to say, the girls there were top notch, very professional, and considering my size, I didn't even feel like it was that big of a deal, they had a multitude of bras for me to try on. 

Thankfully, my girl Kristen was there to help with all the choices. 

I learned so much about how you can tell if your bra is appropriately sized, that it really does make a difference (side note: while wearing my new bras, I've noticed that I am standing up straighter.). I learned how to wear a bra (sounds weird, doesn't it) but you want to disburse the weight over your band and over your shoulders, I think too often that I've had the majority of the weight on my shoulder straps, rather than a smaller band size that would help support the gals. 

To put this all into some perspective, when I last "got measured" for bras, I was in Macy's it was only 2 years ago and I was told that my DD bra was too big that I was a C cup at best. I've been wearing C cups for the last 2 years, now I won't tell you where I am at now, but they are MUCH MUCH bigger than a C cup (or a DD for that matter). It just goes to show you, that there are some things worth going to real professionals for, a specialty store even. I've also learned that just like clothing, your size can vary from brand, so you should try things on. 

As with all plus sized clothing, it's pricier than the main-stream sizes, but for proper fitting bras it is so worth it.  I also learned how to take proper care of my new purchases, so that they will last awhile. Hopefully as my weight decreases, so will my boob/bra size and I will have to go get re-measured! 

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